Kamala Harris’ bald-faced lies about the ‘secure’ border

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“The border is safe,” Vice President Kamala Harris lied to the nation on “Meet the Press” on Sunday. Asked to justify that claim, she could only offer: “It has priority for any nation, including us and our administration.”

She acknowledged “there are still a lot of problems we’re trying to fix,” but pinned they On “the decline in the last four years”. Meaning: It’s Trump’s fault!

He Then The emphasis is on the answer “to create a law and a plan for citizenship for the millions of people who are here and ready to be legally required to acquire citizenship.”

That is: the issue is not the 4 million or more who have entered the country illegally under Biden-Harris, but rather the fact that retrospectively made it very difficult for them. to become legal.

and problem ThereThis, she explained, is that “the people are doing politics”—that is, by not passing a law “the route to citizenship for illegal immigrants”.

(She also blames the state of Texas for “playing politics,” which means busloads of migrants to DC and NYC—when the administration itself is sponsoring the buses. more flights To send migrants under the radar across the country.)

What a load of crap. Border security is clearly not a priority for this administration, which will not support increasing the size of the Border Patrol, even if at least 800,000 illegal migrants have made it internally under their watch without a hitch, And the tide is rising as migrants come from more and more distant.

And of course Biden-Harris ended every Trump-era deal with other countries reduce Bound limit. They are literally hoisting migrants, and sending most of them on their way.

cat: Wall Street Journal report That Biden also failed to file the paperwork for 17% on-the-way to start the Justice Department legal process. might Leading to the order of expulsion.

And Biden-Harris apparently doesn’t care about the effect of the tide on Texas or Arizona—they’re only showing any Now there is concern as those states that have sent a few thousand migrants to “sanctuary” cities are now complaining about the cost.

We don’t have a safe range, but a wide open range. Indeed, the Drug Enforcement Agency says that smuggling of fentanyl and other deadly drugs is at record levels.

And it’s wide open because that’s what the White House (supported by almost all Democrats in Congress) wants. Not only do they refuse to enforce the law, they insist that legalizing lawbreakers is the only possible “solution”.

“Security,” in his book, means “surrender.”

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