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Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt on Tuesday urged Democratic Governor Laura Kelly to comply with a request from the governors of Texas and Arizona and send law enforcement resources to the southern border to help with the migrant crisis.

In a letter to the governor obtained by Granthshala News, Schmidt, along with Kansas Senate Speaker Ty Masterson and Speaker of the House Ron Rickman, called June’s request made under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) a “fair and lawful” use. had gone. of state resources


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“When the federal government fails to secure the border, it becomes critically important that criminal activity entering the United States be stopped and as close to the border as possible,” Schmidt said. “There can be no question that it is in the interest of public safety in our Kansas communities that the border is secured and that illegal cross-border enabled criminal activity is kept as far away from Kansas as possible.”

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The southern border has seen a huge increase in the number of illegal migrant crossings, with a record 213,534 crossings reported in July alone.

Last month, about 209,000 individuals crossed the border at illegal points of re-entry.

The Biden administration has received backlash from both Republicans and Democrats over the administration’s alleged inaction on the southern border.

Earlier this summer in response to the growing migrant crisis, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey requested aid from neighboring states.

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“It is the responsibility of the federal government to secure our border with Mexico,” the pair wrote. “But the Biden administration has proved unwilling or unable to do the job.”

“We respectfully but urgently request that you divert all available law enforcement resources to the border to protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the governors requested.

At least half a dozen states have sent law enforcement assistance to the two border states, including states around Kansas such as Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, but Kelly refused.

The Kansas governor said the request was a matter of “political play.”

“As the state’s chief law enforcement officer and leaders of the Kansas Legislature, we do not think this situation is a ‘political game,'” the group wrote to Kelly. “It is prudent to help border states stop international criminals before they reach Kansas and can cause harm to our communities and our citizens.”

Granthshala News could not immediately reach Kelly’s office for comment.