Kanye West paid settlement to former employee who accused rapper of praising Hitler in meetings

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A report on Wednesday said Kanye West struck a deal with a former employee after complaining that the disgraced rap superstar praised Adolf Hitler in business meetings.

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according to the documents Reviewed by NBC News, West, who now goes to Yeh, paid a former activist who claimed that the musician praised Hitler or the Nazis. The outlet reported that West denied the claims in the settlement.

Several people who worked with West over the past five years or worked with him in a professional setting told NBC News that he brought up conspiracy theories about the Jewish people and spoke positively about the disgraced Nazi dictator.


Three former employees or associates reportedly said there were instances when they used anti-Semitic language and the other three discussed a 2018 incident when West went on an anti-Semitic rant in TMZ’s offices.

conceptual artist rider ripsWho worked with West for five years until 2018, said the “All the Lights” cast brought up ugly conspiracy theories and applauded Nazis during meetings in 2018, NBC News reported.

A former employee alleged that Kanye West admired Hitler and the Nazis in a workplace setting.
Fox News
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“He told me a bunch of texts—like, ‘How the Nazis are good at propaganda,'” Ripps told the outlet, while West claimed, “Jews have codes.”

Ripps, who is Jewish, reportedly said that West told him, “You’re not angry like I’m interested in Nazis or something,” in reference to a troubled Jewish employee.

Ripps also told the news outlet, “What’s happening with this pattern and it’s all doubling and tripling, it’s pretty clear that this is some kind of disgusting, hate-filled, weird Nazi obsession.”

A former West employee told NBC News that he heard the West bringing Hitler and the Nazis into informal conversations.

“I feel like he was just looking around, looking, how are people reacting?” The former employee explained. “He used to say ‘I love Hitler too’ and then he would like to pause for the reactions.”

Reps for West did not respond to a request for comment from NBC News.

a CNN report According to a business executive working for West, it was said last week that West was accused of creating a hostile work environment, because he was obsessed with Hitler. CNN reported that business execs settled with West over workplace complaints.

NBC News said the settlement reported Wednesday appears to be different from the one outlined by CNN.

Companies have fled the West following his anti-Semitic comments last month, including Adidas, which ended his 10-year relationship with the Yeezy designer. The famous wax museum Madame Tussauds London even pulled his wax effigy from its viewing.

“I’m getting a little sleepy tonight, but when I wake up I’m going to starve to death for the Jewish people,” West wrote in an October 9 tweet.

Conceptual Artist Ryder Rips
Conceptual artist Ryder Rips also spoke about Yeh’s perceived anti-Semitism in the workplace.
Corbis via Getty Images

West also shared a deleted screenshot on Instagram after a text conversation in which he accused Sean Combs, known as Diddy, of being controlled by Jewish media.

Last month a former TMZ producer Your podcast West. stressed on Speaking at TMZ’s headquarters, he said that he “loved Hitler and the Nazis”.

“I mean, I was taken aback because that kind of anti-Semitic talk is disgusting. But as far as he’s concerned, I knew he was into it because when it came to TMZ, he said that thing and he said it from the interview. Turned out,” said journalist Van Lathan.

As NBC News reports, three unidentified people supported Lathan’s story about the West by using anti-Semitic words in TMZ.

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