Kanye West, Twitter and how to disengage from hate on social media

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anti-Semitism. Transphobia. Casteism, It’s hard to miss any of this while scrolling through social media.

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Kanye West – now known as “Ye” – has repeatedly made anti-Semitic remarks in recent days, so much so that it cost him a major brand partnership. Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Aldean, recently fought online with country singer Maren Morris about gender-affirming care for trans youth. And new research found that after Elon Musk bought Twitter, he spoke hate speech on the platform.

It’s no surprise that more than a quarter of American adults are too stressed to work, according to American Psychological OrganizationCiting the current political and racial climate as significant stressors.


“The last two years have left us all kinds of worse for wear, and pop culture and social media are only reflective barometers of what we experience,” says TM Robinson-Mosley, counseling psychologist. “It really shows how unhealthy America is right now.”

Our divisive environment has fueled the partisan fire of social media, with hateful rhetoric running across all platforms despite patchwork efforts to quell it. The key to moving past said hate, experts say, is disruptive.

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‘It’s a tough balancing act’

The events of the past few years – including increased political polarization and the pandemic – have proved to be fertile ground for hatred to accumulate on social platforms.

“Since political discourse has changed so dramatically over the past five years, it seems that everyone is now given a pass to express their anger online,” says Molly McPhersonCrisis Communications Specialist. “And when you combine this with the pandemic, people are no longer tolerant, it seems, of their opinion. And when they see, which is usually online, people of all generations respond back.” are more comfortable giving.”

Social media hasn’t always been like this, but the amount of discourse on these platforms encourages overwhelming reactions.

The psychologist says, “What can start as a small tendency to say little nasty things, a little ‘clap back’, to get people to make their tweets go viral or to up their game to get attention.” Had to continue over.” Renee Carrey, “Until it’s up to us now… ‘I’m going to say the worst things about you, of course, pay attention to me.'”

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Minor feuds on social media have led to political disputes, such as the one between Maren Morris (pictured) and Brittany Aldean.

It plays out extensively with celebrities. Minor feuds on social media have led to political disputes, such as the one between Maren Morris and Brittany Aldean. Morris referred to Aldean as “Rebellion Barbie” earlier this year, when Aldean posted a video saying, “I really want to thank my parents when I went through my tomboy phase So don’t change your gender. I love this fascinating life.” This was followed by a flood of social hatred against Amber Heard during and after her trial with Johnny Depp.

You have always shared controversial statements. But his anti-Semitic statements drew widespread condemnation at a time when the new Musk-owned Twitter sparked larger conversations about controlling hate speech.

Hate speech also has real-life consequences: There were 2,717 anti-Semitic incidents across the US in 2021. anti defamation leagueUp 34% from 2020. This is the highest number since 1979, when the ADL began tracking such incidents.

Many people acknowledge that we need solutions, but not everyone agrees on what the “perfect” social media ecosystem looks like. “It’s a difficult balancing act to remove some misleading or toxic material without basically accusing one political party of favoring another,” says Nadia BrassierAssistant Professor in Psychological Science at Purdue University.

Uncertain economic times and impending midterm elections weigh heavily on people’s minds, and some people feel numb and hopeless, says Robinson-Mosley. Our mind and body are running at full-tilt without any rest or repair.

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New research found that after Elon Musk bought Twitter, hate speech was spoken on the platform.

“What we’re seeing is that we’re breaking down in that way every now and then, because constant stress levels are detrimental to our well-being,” says Robinson-Mosley.

The extended period of isolation and disconnection from the pandemic still affects us. We are out of practice with social norms and interactions. Negotiations and confrontations are tougher – and so there are fewer opportunities for results and accountability.

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How to avoid hate speech on social media

Don’t fight fire with fire. Engagement can only make matters worse, especially if you immediately push the hate back.

If you are the subject of hate speech, report it to the appropriate authorities. And remember also: “When someone is being hated, it’s because of their own need, and their own inadequacy, and their own doubts, and their own hatred that they are projecting just on you,” Carr says.

Be intentional about your connections and the content you consume. It’s easy to “doom-scroll” during tough times and focus only on the negative. According to the psychological literature, Robinson-Mosley states that six positive comments are needed to compensate for one negative comment. (If one says they like your shirt and another says you need to take it back to the store, the latter will stick.)

“If you’re connecting with people who don’t just help you feel good about yourself, it has an immediate effect in real time, but is also moving,” says Robinson-Mosley.

And of course, limit your social media usage. There’s nothing to be mad about – literally, anyway – if you don’t reveal yourself to it.

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