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After White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klein’s Bipartisan Backlash Against Inflation TweetKarl Rowe, Granthshala News contributor and former White House deputy chief of staff, told “America Reports” on Friday that Klein has no business tweeting given the daily responsibilities of his job. Klein was criticized late Wednesday when he retweeted a post by a Harvard professor summarizing our top economic issues as “high-grade problems.”

Top White House official retweet after calling inflation, supply chain issues ‘high-grade problems’


Karl Rove: I think the exact number of Chiefs of Staff tweets is zero. Look, I’ve been in the White House for seven years as a senior adviser and for three years as the White House deputy chief of staff. I saw two very nice people, Andy Card and Josh Bolton, work as the Chief of Staff to the President of the United States and it is a demanding job.

It is a job that requires your full attention from the early moment of the morning to the latest moment of the night on the things in your hand and neither one of those people nor any chief of staff. There will be enough time to pass. 100 tweets in a year, leave in a week.

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Is it the responsibility of the Chief of Staff to be Twitter-in-Chief? I think it’s better for communicators. Ron Klein has a big job to do, every moment he’s trying to determine whether I should retweet him? Let me check your Twitter feed, has anything interesting popped up in the last hour that I should retweet? It’s a waste of his time and a disservice to the person he serves, whose office is about 10 feet away in the Oval Office.

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