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where is the president?

After watching another weekend, Americans must wonder if our president even wants the job.


Joe Biden’s campaign was famous for what he called an early “lid,” sending his travel press home for the first half of the day. Campaigns are typically furiously busy schedules known for crushing schedules and tedious programming. But not Joe Biden. They had a cordial relationship, mostly done over video feeds from their home.

The official excuse was COVID-19 and while it was certainly understandable that a then-77-year-old might have been concerned about catching the virus and would therefore limit his personal exposure, it was by no means necessary that his Even remote events were extremely limited and rare.

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Cotton says Biden’s beach trip while Americans stranded in Afghanistan ‘an embarrassment’

But now that he is president, his absence is more awkward than ever. On Friday, as he left for his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, more than 14,000 Haitian migrants had crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico.

The shocking images of a wave of humanity camping under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, should have been enough to encourage comment from the man in charge. But not this man.

Biden vacations at Delaware beach house after weeks of heavy losses

In March, Biden put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border. She even refrained from going to the border until mid-June, when the narcissism of criticism had finally grown too sharp for her to ignore.

In late July, Harris said the administration would address the “root causes”, although he did not say how long it would take for the “root causes” strategy to actually be implemented.

Hannity: Biden needs to end Rehoboth Beach vacation amid crisis: ‘Get your A— and get to work’

That same day, the White House in fact noted his achievements in a released statement. “In six months, the administration has made great strides to create a fair, orderly and humane immigration system.” The people under the bridge in Del Rio, Texas would definitely love to hear more about that fair, organized and Kind System.

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The big question is when Biden’s cheerleader media will finally get around to asking him why he keeps missing out on us. It is not normal for a US president to be as often out of view as President Biden.

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Also on Friday, the Pentagon acknowledged that no terrorist was killed in a US drone strike in Afghanistan, but 10 civilians, including 7 children, were killed. An FDA panel had rejected the idea of ​​COVID booster shots for all Americans, which the Biden administration had hoped to roll out soon. France withdrew its ambassador in anger over the Biden administration deal with Britain and Australia.

But President Joe Biden was on the beach. His spokesman, Jen Psaki, also did not hold the briefing. This is a holiday administration and everyone is invited.

We are in a state of crisis in this country. Our border is in deep trouble, Americans are stranded in Afghanistan, we have three times as many COVID cases today as we did a year ago before there was any vaccine, and our president seems to have a vision. It’s okay to be out.

Their obedient media does not hold them accountable. Americans deserve answers. Americans deserve a president.

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