‘Keep Callum at Home’: Osoyoos, B.C. family fundraising for son’s accessibility equipment

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Fighting for their 12-year-old son, Callum, has become a way of life for Ossouse, B.C., couple Lynn Scott and Dale Fuhr.

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Callum was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Pura syndrome, which, according to his parents, affects less than 500 children worldwide.

Calum also suffers from epilepsy and seizures and is related to scoliosis.


“He’s wheelchair-bound, he can’t stand or walk, he has a diaper, that means he needs 24-hour cognitive care, and he’s non-verbal,” Scott said.

To better care for their son, the family relocated from Regina to Ossouse, and the pair left their respective careers to become full-time ABM neuromomentation practitioners.

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“Unfortunately, the cold weather in Saskatchewan was too difficult for Callum’s system and wheelchairs don’t go very far in the snow, so we typed in ‘hottest place in Canada’ and found Ossoue,” Scott said.

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“People think it was a giant sacrifice, but it was a strange phenomenon. It wasn’t a sacrifice and it has changed – the pace of life has improved a lot since we became practitioners.”

But as the callum grows, so does the need for new equipment.

The family says they need a house lift, one for their bedroom and the other for the bathroom as well as home and vehicle modification.

“We’ve been able to take care of Callum, up to this point. Get him in and out of bed, lift him off the floor, lift him up on his chairs — but he’s finding it difficult to care for him on a daily basis,” Scott said.

Currently, the family drives a standard minivan that doesn’t provide the privacy and space needed to change Callum, who is dependent on diapers.

“We’ve had to really pull over and find our best spots, but there are times when they’re literally turned on the side of the road,” Scott said.

“It’s not only safe because the cars are flying, but being naked on the side of the road has zero dignity.”

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Without new equipment, the alternative is group home housing that the family says is unthinkable.

“He’s so jovial, he’s so funny and lovable and affectionate and he takes pains to be around people. He gets excited to be around us, to be around us. I can’t even imagine caring for him.” Well, it’s beyond my ability,” Scott said.

“All children should be able to live with their parents. He is a 12 year old little boy; He should not go into care.”

The couple have looked into provincial grants and funding, but say new equipment is not involved.

“As we began to go down this path of figuring out what equipment is covered by our medical system and by the government, we realized there are some gaps,” Fuhr said.

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They are now reaching out to the community in hopes of raising enough money to buy the equipment.

they have launched a gofundme With a goal of $300,000. As of Thursday evening, more than $20,000 has been raised and a local foundation donated a piece of equipment.

Scott said, “We have a family foundation here in Osoyos called the Herrendorf Foundation – they heard about our story through chit-chat around town, and Kasondra Cohen from Herrendorf decided she wanted to visit our house. Going to buy a lift for

Fuhr and Scott say they are overwhelmed by the amount of support they have received so far.

“We will get it done. We are Callum’s team and we have people around us,” Fuhr said.

“The fundraiser I had at AG Foods was amazing, just getting to meet everyone who knew Callum. He knows people around town more than I do.

Although the goal is intimidating, Scott and Fuhr say they will not stop until their son’s basic needs are met.

“It’s a strange thing to ask for help for your son, for your family,” Scott said, as he shed tears. “You think you should be able to do it, and we will do it, but we had to reach out for support because it just isn’t covered.”

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A GoFundMe campaign called “Keep Calm at Home, Sweet Home” can be found at online,

Source: globalnews.ca

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