Keith Richards Says Elton John’s ‘Candle in the Wind’ Is Jarring

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Elton John and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones don’t get along, at least they didn’t. There have always been many scandalous fights within the music industry, but their feud is brutal. None of the actors were new to fighting with other artists until their feud began. Elton John once said that Madonna should be shot, and Richards never kept his mouth shut about his fellow Stoney Mick Jagger. No one can really explain why the actors despise each other. It probably has something to do with Richards trashing the Elton John song “Candle in the Wind”.

Keith Richards and Elton John | David M. Bennett / Getty Images

Keith Richards feud with Elton John began in 1988

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We don’t know whether Elton John and Richards crossed paths in their early careers. They were more than likely mutual friends, but there is no recorded feud between them to suggest that they didn’t really like each other… as of 1998. talking to Rolling stone That year, Richards was asked to comment on the top ten songs on the chart at the time.

One of the songs was “I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That” by Elton John. Richards really had nothing nice to say. “Reggae, give me Rubens, and I’ll say something nice. Reggae Dwight. Lovely bloke, but posing,” Richards said, referring to Elton John’s real name. This “Your Song” singer could not go unnoticed.


Fans certainly noticed and wondered why Richards would have such an opinion of Elton John. Rolling stone The theory is that Richards possibly “harmed a grudge against John for being out of his reception during a guest appearance—which spanned 10 songs—at a 1975 Rolling Stones concert in Fort Collins, Colorado. ” We’ll never know why Richards felt the need to hurl insults at Elton John. However, after that, Richards kept firing insults for no reason at all.

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Keith Richards called “Candle in the Wind” jarring

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talking to Entertainment Weekly In 1997, Richards once again insulted Elton John. He commented on the recent reworking of Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind”, which he sang at Princess Diana’s funeral.

Of Diana’s death, Richards said, “Only that a beautiful young mother died and what a shame. And then when I saw the funeral on TV – who could have avoided it? – I actually saw that Britain was trying to focus on what they really thought about the monarchy. It was a puzzling, confusing thing. They’re probably having family meetings right now [laughs]”

When asked what he thought of the vision of rock star, Elton John, serenading royalty, Richards said, “Yeah, it bothered a little bit. Songs for Dead White People. But after all he was a personal friend. I myself would find it hard to ride on the back of something like this, but reggae is showbiz. The songs for Dead Blondes are, of course, a reference to the original blonde that “Candle in the Wind” wrote for Marilyn Monroe.

elton john fought back

Clearly, Elton John could no longer tolerate Richards’ comments and turned his way for change, Daily News reported in the same year. The grand title of the publication was “Elton, Keith Throwing Stones”. He wrote, “There’s Rumble Brewing, a middle-aged rocker.”

Apparently, Elton John was recorded as saying, “I’m glad I quit drugs and alcohol. It would be terrible to be like Keith Richards. That’s pathetic, lousy. It’s a monkey with arthritis.” Like, going on stage and trying to look young. I have a lot of respect for the Stones but it would have been better if they had kicked Keith out 15 years ago. … I think he’s a hole and I have for a long time.”

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Asked if he was “coming back” to dislike Richards, Elton John replied, “Yeah, I am!” Responding to Richards’ other comments about his Vegas show, he said, “Please, if the Rolling Stones aren’t showing business, what is? You know, with their inflatable naked women.”

“Miko [Jagger’s] A very forward-looking person,” he continued. “He used [alternative rock producers] Dust brothers. Keith Richards still listening to ‘(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay’ by Otis Redding.

Elton John also came to Richards in 2011 when he criticized Richards’ recent autobiography, Life. Some of Richards’ comments about Jagger’s anatomy left the singer confused. “I was a little upset to hear about Mick Jagger’s gender,” he said. “If I said that [songwriting partner] Bernie Taupin was a pathetic t-t and his penis was small, he’d probably never talk to me again. It’s like, why do this?”

However, it seems that this is the end of the pair’s feud. We don’t know if it ended suddenly. Things were looking great between them at the GQ Awards in 2015. Hopefully, Richards and Elton John can keep that peace. But who really knows with them? They’re both a bit cruel and say things completely unreasonable.

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