‘Kena: Bridge Of Spirits’ developers detail creation of lead character

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How Kena was brought to life

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Ember Lab shares some details of the design process ahead Kena: Bridge of Spirits Release next week.

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a playstation blog The post released today includes several details about Kena’s design. Kena is a young spirit guide looking for an ancient mountain temple. The game will release next week, and Amber Lab’s animation director Hunter Schmidt has shown some behind the scenes of the character design.

“Kena’s original character designs were created by Vunchana ‘Vic’ Intrasombat. He was a close collaborator in our business projects in the past, but this time he had a blank canvas and our very own view of the world in all of the character designs. Fascinating and unique sight to see.”


The original design for Kena was that of a little girl. However, as development progressed, the developers realized that they would need their character to have more life experience. As such, the kenna was slightly larger to better fit the tasks needed to be performed in the game.

“Kena was first realized in 3D by Rodrigo Gonsalves. He built the prototype model and later continued to refine and explore real-time techniques for various details, such as his hair. We also collaborated with Carlos Ortega. Kiya, who is highly respected for her beautiful clean 3D character work.”

To aid with Kena’s animations, Amber Lab created a library of expressions to include various hand and hair poses. Using this base library, all further animations will come from the same basic concepts. This ensures that Kena feels like the same person from start to finish of the game. While physics simulations were used for the other characters throughout the game, all of Kena’s are animated by hand, right up to the loss of her hair.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Available on September 21 for PS5, PS4 and PC via the Epic Games Store. The game is a Time console exclusive so it may come to other platforms in the future.

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