Kevin Durant draws mid-game after ‘Free Me’

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    It has been a one-night roller-coaster for Kevin Durant. Before tip-off against the Raptors on Friday, an ESPN report indicated that Durant would not be in the starting lineup, as part of the league’s health and safety protocols related to COVID. Durant was reportedly in contact with a person who may have been exposed to the virus and returned an inconclusive test.

    But just a few minutes into the opening quarter, Durant left the locker room and entered the game. Details regarding contact tracing regarding Durant were unclear, but every indication was that he was cleared to re-enter the game. However, Durant later left the game in the second half in connection with the same situation.

    ESPN’s Malika Andrews offered some clarity after Durant’s exit from the game, stating that although Durant had tested negative on three occasions in the last 24 hours, the person she was in contact with later Tested positive in the US, meaning that Durant would once again be in contact. Modifying the protocol.

    Naturally, there was some disappointment on Durant’s part, which led to his tweet after returning to the locker room.

    And Durant did not to express his views on the matter, criticizing the league for focusing on appearances and perceptions rather than a meaningful response to the situation.

    However, the Nets will continue to proceed with caution, and according to Adrian Wozanowski, it seems doubtful that Durant will travel to Philadelphia for a game against the Sixers this weekend.

    This is certainly a strange night for Durant and the Nets, who ended up falling to the Raptors, 123–117. This marked the first time in Durant’s career that he did not start both games and scored under double digits, although circumstances clearly led to an asterisk by those figures.


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