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Britney Spears’ recent major shift in stereotypes will have no effect on her custody agreement with Kevin Federline regarding her two children.

Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, told Granthshala News that the two have successfully worked out a custody agreement over the years, allowing her to see her boys, 16-year-old Sean Preston and 15-year-old Jaden James, as much as she wants. As a result, even though their recent legal victory in court may have brought an end to their highly controversial conservatism, Kaplan doesn’t believe the former couple’s agreement will be renegotiated in any legal sense.


“Considering that, in a hearing, the court orders the cessation of the conversation, I do not see that for there to be a material change of circumstances that would create a need for an amendment or an amendment to a custody agreement. The two parties, Kaplan explained.

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He continued: “Brittany and Kevin, whatever the order, have very successfully worked out a schedule that meets the needs and wants of the children and the availability of the parents, with or without the guardianship imposed on Brittany. Don’t think so. That’s about to change.”

Spears and Federline got engaged in 2004, before she filed for divorce two years later in 2006.

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Currently, Federline is the primary custody holder, meaning the children spend most of their time with him. However, Spears has no restrictions that allow her to watch the kids whenever she wants other than as the kids grow up and have a busy schedule of their own. Although her conservatism has reportedly been very restrictive on her life, it seems it was not something that affected her ability to be a parent to her and Federline’s children.

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears have entered into a custody agreement regarding their children that will not be affected by their guardianship.

A court ruled last month that Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, is to be suspended from her 13-year guardianship at once. The judge also ordered all of Spears’ assets to be handed over to a court-appointed temporary custodian — a certified public accountant named John Zabel.

Spears had struggled in and out of court for years in strategically concerted efforts to remove her father from his longtime position as custodian of his estate. She revealed the restrictions she’s living under during a tumultuous court hearing in June. The “Gimme More” singer claimed she was not allowed to remove her contraceptive device or get married.

Granthshala News’ Julius Young contributed to this report.