Killer Mike speaks after shooting near his barber shop: “It’s a Hurt”

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    “Please consider what would happen if one of you actually kills each other”

    Killer Mike has responded to a shooting that damaged one of his barbershop.

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    The incident, in which no one was injured, took place around 10.30 pm on Saturday (February 20) near the Run The Jewels rapper’s SWAG shop barber shop in South Fulton, Georgia.

    Mike wrote in an Instagram post that he was in a recording booth at around 1 a.m. when he was told about the stray bullets that had hit his shop, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) The report was closed for renewal.

    In the message Mike shared photos of the damage and wrote that he felt okay about the incident because “the property could be changed”. He He also said that he did not believe it was a personal attack and apologized to potential customers, who would now have to wait longer for the trip.

    “I want to say to the brothers,” he wrote, turning the attention of the culprits to him, “Please consider what will happen if someone actually kills each other.”

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    “Prison, attorney’s fees, funeral costs and the loss of two black families. I’m glad that y’all cud didn’t hit a shot gun from the side of a barn because it’s y’all who are all alive. “

    As Board Reports show the rapper owns two more SWAG Shop barbershop in the state: Edgewood and State Farm Arena areas in Atlanta.

    A police spokesman said AJC: “On arrival, many businesses and vehicles were hit by bullets. No injuries were reported from the incident. “

    The spokesman said that yesterday (February 22) there was no suspect in custody.

    In related news, the US House of Representatives quoted Stacey Plaskett during the recent impeachment trial of Donald Trump as Run the Jewels and GZA.

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