Kim Dion of Weeki Makei confirmed to play the younger counterpart of Joon Ji Hyun in the new drama

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    Vicky Makey’s Kim Doyan to star in a new drama soon!

    On February 23, News 1 reported that Kim Doyon appeared on TVN’s new drama “Mount Jiri” (working title) and recently filming. His agency Fantaggio confirmed the news saying, “It is true that Kim Doyon will be starring in ‘Mount Johan’.”

    “Mount Jiri” is a mystery drama about people who pass through mysterious and obscure areas of Mount Jiri, the largest mountain on the South Korean mainland. Joon Ji Hyun stars as Seo Yi Kang, a top ranger in Mount Jori National Park, and Joo Ji Hyun stars as his rookie partner Kang Hyun Jo. The play is written by Kim Yun Hee, who wrote Netflix’s “Kingdom” series, and Lee Yung Bok, who wrote “Mr.” Sunny. “

    Kim Doyon will portray Seo Yi Kang in her younger days. Fans are awaiting his acting in this star-studded drama, especially since he is playing the younger counterpart of Jun Ji Hyun.

    Earlier, Kim Doyon began acting through the 2018 web drama “Short” and she appeared in “Pop Out Boy” and “Single and Ready to Mingle”.

    Kim Doyon made her debut as a member of IOI in 2016 after starring in Mnet’s “Produce 101”. Following her activities with IOI, Kim Doyeon made her debut as a member of Weki Meki, and she has since been actively pursuing both music and acting. .

    See her in “Single and Ready to Mingle”:

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