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The Biden administration made clear that the United States is not at war with Russia, with Russian President Vladimir Putin continuing its ongoing attack on Ukraine on Wednesday despite threats of nuclear weapons.

National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby reiterated on “America’s Newsroom” that despite Ukraine’s military support, the US is not directly involved in Putin’s war.


Asked about America’s involvement, Kirby said, “No, we absolutely are not.” “Russia is at war inside Ukraine, and despite all the rhetoric we heard from Putin last night about the West versus Russia or the United States versus Russia or NATO versus Russia, the truth is Nothing can be far from it.”

Russian soldiers and Russian soldiers boxed by the Dnieper River, barges carrying supplies for Russian soldiers

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“Ukraine was illegally invaded in an unprovoked way,” he continued. “They are fighting to defend their country.”

Putin issued a nuclear threat during an address on Wednesday, warning that the prospect is “not a hoax” as the chances of him prevailing in Ukraine diminish. As the war broke out, he also announced “partial military mobilization” to engage reserve civilians in the fighting.

Kirby also responded to the backlash facing the White House over Biden suggesting that the US would deploy troops to Taiwan if China went ahead with the invasion.

“I think we’re doing nothing but being persistent on this,” Kirby said. “The president was answering a hypothetical question about the defense of Taiwan, and he and he answered it in that context. But he has been very clear in the past when he has been answering similar questions in a similar way. That’s… nothing has changed about our-China policy. Nothing has changed about our policy regarding Taiwan.”

“We take our commitment under the Taiwan Relations Act very seriously to ensure that Taiwan can defend it,” he continued.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan clarified the president’s remarks earlier this week, saying there has been no change in policy despite Biden’s military pledge not being accepted as current policy.

“When the President of the United States wants to announce a policy change, he will do so,” Sullivan said. “He hasn’t done that.”