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Former Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney during an appearance on Granthshala Business’s “Morning with Maria” slammed his successor Ron Klein for endorsing the idea that inflation is a high-grade problem on Twitter and calling the sentiment “everybody.” Bad at one level”. “

Klein retweeted Harvard professor Jason Furman on Wednesday, who diagnosed the current inflation spike as a problem only for the upper class.


“Most of the economic problems we face (inflation, supply chain, etc.) are high-grade problems. If the unemployment rate was still 10 percent we wouldn’t have them. We would have had a worse problem instead. , “furman” tweeted.

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The White House on Thursday took its stand on retweeted support from the official White House Chief of Staff account.

Hemmer pressures pro-Biden economist on calling inflation a ‘high-class problem’: ‘What were you thinking?’

“We’re at this point because we’ve made progress in the economy and what we think will be worse is that the unemployment rate was 10 percent, people were out of work, hundreds of thousands of people were still dying of COVID and people were on their own.” Were not able to lose the houses. So that’s the whole context,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters during a press briefing.

When Saki was asked whether Klein’s Twitter account was becoming a problem given the result, he replied: “It’s not a top priority, let me tell you, at the moment.”

Mulvaney explained Friday that if Klein “means this is only a problem for the rich, then maybe he should be fired because it’s just so tone-deaf.”

However, he also pointed out that “if instead, he meant that it was a problem that was better than high unemployment, then it is just unfairly unemployment.”

“It’s bad on every single level,” he told Degan McDowell. “It just confirms why the Chief of Staff should be running the White House and not tweeting during the day.”

Furman, a former Obama-era adviser, defended what he wrote during an appearance on Friday “America’s Newsroom.”

“Inflation is real. Inflation is causing a problem for families and we must do something about it… We have a really good reason to cause this inflation – that the unemployment rate has come down, money to families And people are buying more things than ever before,” Furman told Bill Hemmer.

Hannity Rips ‘Shadow President’ Klein to dismiss inflation concerns

Inflation grew at an annual rate of 5.4% in September, Marking the highest rate in 13 years, according to latest report Released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The data also shows that higher prices are also reducing wage benefits.

Given the supply chain crisis, Mulvaney said Klein should focus on his work.

“Your job as chief of staff is to make the president look good. It’s really hard to do with Joe Biden right now. The supply chain difficulties are real. They’re not going away,” he said.

The White House announced Wednesday that the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will become 24/7 operations, along with commitments from the largest carriers of cargo — walmarthandjob fedex And UPS – like a part of someone Biden Administration efforts to address supply chain bottlenecks, strengthen supply chain resilience, and reduce shipping backlogs.

While Mulvaney believes this is “a step in the right direction,” he stressed that it is not the only cause of inflation or higher prices. He pointed to “structural difficulties coming from Washington” and said “if he [Biden] Or if Ron Klein thinks he’s solved the problem, the next few months will be a really tough time for him.

“The last thing they need is to take these comments about rich people misunderstanding the unemployment numbers,” he said.

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Granthshala Business’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.