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Of course everyone is talking about the Omicron version, and in a few moments we’ll be joined by Admiral Brett Giroir, former HHS assistant secretary for health during the Trump administration.

There are too many unknowns here, and Brett Giroir will help us go through them.


But two pieces of good news, at least in Omicron’s early stages. First, many experts are telling us not to panic, vaccines are expected to work, and second – President Biden said today that new lockdowns are off the table “for now”. This is a huge issue for me, because I think the weight of the evidence over the past 20 months or so suggests that taking all factors into account, the cure for the lockdown was worse than the disease.

Congress faced tough deadline from debt ceiling to defense

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And on this announcement, the shares rose by about 300 points.

Aside from O’Micron, another big story is that the Senate and House are going back to school this week. That is always a mixed blessing. But his plate will be full.

Senator John Thune will be working with us on this a little later.

Biden reveals plan to fight virus and it’s straight out of Trump’s playbook

But among the many issues the government has to keep open after the December 3rd continued resolution deadline expires. There is a debt limit issue, perhaps until mid-December, and certainly the most important of all Biden budget bills – it Biden calls reckless social spending, tax hikes, and the Green New Deal bill.

This is a bill that will ruin the economy if passed.

This will increase inflation. This will drive up the cost of all forms of energy. It will provide welfare assistance without any workaround. By the way, it will provide welfare to illegal immigrants without workfare.

As always, Save America, Kill Bill.

If Senator Manchin sticks to his guns, he’ll likely vote against the bill and instead continue pushing for it to stop for well into next year because inflation is still on the rise, and a hundred other issues that may never come to light. Must see of the day. Now, I think a pause until next year will eliminate the bill, so I’m in for a munchkin pause.

The warning about the latest version of the economic recovery will swoon you

I’m also hopeful of common sense from Senator Kirsten Cinema, especially on the big tax hike that will ruin the supply side of the economy and make America much less competitive.

And now we’ve got the latest Scott Rasmussen poll, which shows 60% oppose payments to illegal immigrants. Seventy-three percent oppose any form of IRS spying. Only 19% are in favor of a tax credit for print journalists. 78 percent believe that those able to work should seek a job in order to get financial aid from the government. In other words, wages. Sixty-six percent believe that any energy transition to electric cars should wait until batteries can be made in the US instead of China. Fifty-five percent believe that many people are receiving government benefits rather than working. And then 53% believe it’s more important to protect Medicare than it is to expand.

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Other unpopular plans in the reckless Biden budget include raising the cost of daycare, reducing the ability of faith-based organizations to obtain daycare, and providing federal funding for abortions. There are many more issues. Bottom line, voters don’t like this bill.

But of course, we knew this. We are talking about this. We will continue to talk about it. Save America, hit the bill.

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening remarks on the November 29, 2021 edition of “Kudlow.”