Larry Kudlow, a Granthshala business host and former White House economic adviser, told “The Faulkner Focus” on Thursday that he believed President Biden’s agenda would be “counter-productive” to the economy.

Earlier this week, Democrats in Congress took the first step toward passing a $ 1.9 trillion coronovirus relief bill through a budget reconciliation process that would not require support from any Republicans. A group of 10 GOP senators met with Biden at the White House on Monday and discussed the president’s plan at his counter.

LARRY KUDLOW: It would have been lovely if we had a more liberal bill. In fact, I’m not really sure why we need encouragement … I think we’ve got a V-shaped recovery [happening]. We have not spent so-called incentives or aid before and it seems that increasing the minimum wage is a job and prosperity killer, if you ask me. So fossil fuel is killing the industry and so are open borders, which along with the border is going to be an employment killer.

Biden's agenda will be 'pro-opposition' for economy: Larry Kudlow

The logic here is completely wrong … Here is a turning point in relation to COVID, which is definitely the biggest driver. We have to open up the economy and schools completely… It is not coming from excitement.

GOP Moderate is a good idea. Democrats are not going to buy it. They are going to run through, it is being pulled to the left. Rich Palary, editor of the National Review, says my pal [Biden has had] ‘By far the most leftist presidential post after two weeks.’ we will see, [he] May well be correct. Therefore, I do not expect any miracle here. They are going to drive through their agenda… This agenda is going to be counterintuitive, it will be counter-productive to the economy in the long term.