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Kyle Rittenhouse appeared in a public Q&A hosted by Twitter Space on Friday and elaborated on his love of fast food and sweet-and-sour sauce during a few light moments.

Rittenhouse spoke to Twitter users on Friday in a quick Q&A conducted on Twitter Space, the platform’s audio chatroom feature. Rittenhouse answered questions from the public about his trial, future plans, and his personal outlook.


At one point, Rittenhouse mentioned that the first meal he ate after his release from prison was a large order of chicken nuggets from McDonald’s.

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“I showed up with fifty McNuggets,” spokesman Dave Hancock said in the chat room. “He got into the car, changed his clothes, ran his McDonald’s.”

“Not to be critical,” said Rittenhouse, with a laugh, “but he had forgotten my McFlurry. But he made up for it later.”

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The Q&A took many twists and turns, with Rittenhouse explaining her intentions to attend Arizona State University in the spring. The two also emphasized that Rittenhouse’s legal team is taking action against attorney Lynn Wood, who claims to have improperly collected money for his Fight Back Foundation under the guise of bail funds for Rittenhouse.

A recurring joke about Rittenhouse’s fast-food affinity inspired laughter from both Rittenhouse and Hancock.

Judge Bruce Schroeder takes a personal call as the court waits for an evidence video to play.  Kyle Rittenhouse, left, and his attorney Mark Richards stand behind the judge at Kenosha County Courthouse November 12, 2021 in Kenosha, Wis.

Rittenhouse revealed that Hancock brought a variety of sauces he requested for his post-bail meal: “BBQ, ranch and sweet and sour.”

Fast food discussion usually serves as a humorous break during a serious discussion.

Rittenhouse told the audience at several points that her goal was to “move on with my life and go to school at Arizona State University.

“My goal is to go to Walmart and not be recognized.”