Lady Gaga and Adam Driver star in ‘House of Gucci,’ a story of murder

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Gucci Gaga is gone

Now comes the murder story “House of Gucci” starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver.

In 1995 I repeatedly reported on the Gucci massacre. I knew the players personally. The real products of the family were lawsuits, quarrels, hatred.

I reported Cousin Paolo to hardening divorced wife Jenny. I reported lawsuits when I opened a NYC shop. In July 1998 and then ’99, years after the murder of Patrizia’s hated ex-husband Maurizio, I reported on this former high life, Mrs. Gucci was working in the prison laundry at the time. I also quoted Italian newspapers accusing her of “not only working in her husband but of having similar hobbies in the past.”

The family hated and despised each other. Always threatening, fighting. The distrust and jealousy were evident. In ’85 I Reported “Aldo Gucci Sue Removes Museum Tower.” It was constant war—suing, divorcing, betraying, yelling—there was no one now named Gucci—in terms of birthright—behind the company. Distressed Gucci was the modern de Medicis.

fine mart

Artist Mark Kostaby had just made a major art pilgrimage. A visit to his Chelsea townhouse where devotees could grab oil paintings from the walls, then have dinner at Café Fiorello, with pizza and pasta hanging among a dozen of his canvases, then drink at the Park West gallery for collectors . Somewhere around $500,000 changed hands.

To bet

Kyle Rittenhouse may take a job offer from a Republican in Congress. Florida Representative Matt Getz is thinking of asking her to work on Capitol Hill. “He would make a good congressional trainee,” Gaetz said. “We can reach out and see if he’d be interested in additional methods.” Good. Florida could use at least one young man going in.

more politics. Vegas speculators are hesitant to set the first odds until they see what Trump’s military does, betting that Republicans will take back the Senate and House in the mid-2022. Governance too. But in Georgia, if Perdue wins the primary over Kemp, they are electing Abrams for governor by 5 percent. In Texas, Abbott scored 10 percent more than O’Rourke. About New York they still do not know Borst.

Rep. Matt Getz, R-Flass
Rep. Matt Getz, R-Fla., is set to offer Kyle Rittenhouse the opportunity to work on Capitol Hill.
Greg Nash/Pool via AP

no turkey, just talk

Not everyone had a great homemade turkey feast in the days before. When I was reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan, I had only plain white rice. The then com. Bill Bratton has never even seen a Thanksgiving Day parade. And Givenchy, the great couture of France? His drumstick was in Palm Springs.

My next Thanksgiving wish: Sahara’s taxicab camels rarely need to pee. For hours they carry water from their bodies without dromedary heat. Q: Is there some geneticist somewhere out there who can marry a friendly camel with my little Yorkie? Please??!!

presenting …

Hunting for a little Christmas gift? Forget eating the last two years, standing in front of the open refrigerator door in the kitchen that doubles as your office. pull your bones to this Shrubsole, They are moving a set of four George II candlesticks. Built in London in 1756. An Earl’s coronet, engraved with garter motto and crest. Commissioned for the 8th Earl of Winchilsey. I mean respect. We are not talking about plastic packets of McDonald’s ketchup here.

His Earlship was elected to Parliament, a member of the House of Lords, Comptroller of the Royal Household, First Lord of the Admiralty and its Lord President, and in 1752 became Knight of the Garter.

I don’t know the price. Try a half inch of your cryptobucks.

Because safety-conscious travelers aren’t taking public transportation, not everyone is locked in an office, because it’s vacation time, traffic is so bad now that it’s the first time I’ve ever been overtaken by an abandoned car. .

Only in New York, children, only in New York.


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