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NS Los Angeles Police Department Tuesday evening announced a new “Follow Home Task Force” in response to the “ongoing crime trend of follow-home robberies.”

Police said suspects target victims in affluent areas of Los Angeles until they enter an isolated area, such as a parking lot or home, and rob them.


According to the LAPD, one such follow-home robbery ended in a murder on November 23.

Lapad issues warning of ongoing robbery trend targeting people in affluent areas

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“Due to the unfortunate events, the Chief of Police has directed the Chief of Detectives to immediately implement the Home Task Force,” the department wrote. The task force will include 20 detectives from the robbery-murder department and other divisions within the LAPD.

The task force comes less than a month after the LAPD was released community alert on these offenses

Los Angeles diners robbed at gunpoint at Sidewalk Cafe in broad daylight

“These robberies have been targeted at expensive jewelry, including watches and necklaces, as well as expensive wallets,” the alert said. “Victims have also been targeted based on the type of vehicle they are driving.”

LAPD Vehicles

Police said they became aware of the trend as a result of a recent “increase in violent street robbery”.

110. The department is investigating more than Robbery The LAPD said last week that there were at least six different street gangs involved in stalking victims.

In September, the LAPD increased patrols in the area around Melrose Avenue following a spike in armed robberies and other violent incidents. In an incident Caught on video, diners at a sidewalk cafe were approached by a pair of gun-wielding suspects and their shopping bags robbed.

Granthshala News’ Greg Norman and Louis Cassiano contributed to this report.