Lara Logan Digs In: Goes After Auschwitz Museum, Blasts Out Fauci Conspiracies

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The Auschwitz Museum said the Fox Nation host had blocked it on Twitter.

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Fox Nation host Lara Logan Showed no remorse and was instead led by major Jewish groups by Dr. Anthony Fauci To the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele earlier this week.

On Tuesday, Logan sprinkled Twitter with links to conspiracy theories about the White House’s chief medical adviser, Including Articles that falsely claimed that HIV does not cause AIDS.

He also retweeted a user a follower Who wrote: “Shame on the Auschwitz Museum for shaming Lara Logan for sharing that Jews like me believe Fauci is a modern day Mengele.”

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After this the Auschwitz Museum said that Logan blocked him on twitter,

Reaction to Logan’s comments during an appearance on Monday night Fox News, In an area easing pandemic restrictions and concerns about the Omicron version of COVID-19, Logan claimed that many unnamed “people” were saying that he “doesn’t represent science to him, he represents Josef Mengele,” a Nazi who conducted sick and deadly experiments on Jewish Auschwitz prisoners, including young children, during World War II .

Among the critics on the comments was the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Memorial in Poland, who slammed logan To exploit the tragedy of death camp victims in a debate about vaccines and “people fighting to save human lives”.

Fox News did not respond to requests for comment about Logan’s initial comments or subsequent tweets.

It should come as no surprise that Logan or Fox News have apologized earlier this week for an incredibly offensive comment on a program that compared Dr. Fauci to Nazi war criminal Joseph Mengele, An Anti-Defamation League Spokesperson told CNN Business in a statement.

The spokesperson said it was equally upsetting that Logan would be doubling down.

“Make no mistake, these sordid comparisons only serve to trivialize and distort the meaning and memory of the Holocaust,” the statement said.

The American Jewish Committee called on Logan to apologize after Monday’s comments. On Wednesday, Holly Hufnagle, the director of the group to combat anti-Semitic sentiment, renewed that call in a statement to CNN Business.

“The Holocaust distortion is an attack on Jewish identity and memory, and Logan should apologize immediately,” she said. “We also ask her employer Fox to voice her disapproval of her statements. Their silence is deafening.”

Logan was previously a star correspondent on CBS News’ “60 Minutes.” He was forced to take leave of absence its wrong reporting on the 2012 Benghazi attack, and eventually left CBS in 2018. She joined Fox Nation to host “Lara Logan Has No Agenda” in 2020 and has been mired in controversy since then.

Many media critics wrote Commentary this week Logan’s development.

“From Respected Journalist to Trolling Opinionist: What Happened to Lara Logan?” Pointer’s Senior Media Writer Tom Jones Topic His column about that.

“She has turned into the news version of a shock jock,” he wrote.

The Washington Post national correspondent Philip Bump discussed the controversy in an excerpt, “Whenever respected journalists get marginalized.”


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