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Tonight, I’m wondering why parents don’t have rights when it comes to raising their children. This is the whole new controversy, started by the National School Board Association, asking the Justice Department whether parental protests at school board meetings should be treated as potential acts of domestic terrorism. This is right. Parents are domestic terrorists.

So let me correct this. Parents protest, at this huge left wing in our culture and especially what leftist teacher unions are teaching their children in school, is this a bad thing? I’m not buying it. And this business of threats is also bullshit. For one thing, any physical threat to teachers or school board members, or anyone else involved in public schooling, is already against the law.


Now, the actual violence in schools is minor, of course, nothing compared to the violent protests organized by left-wing groups in our nation’s cities over the years – and we know who they are and they never seem To prosecute, will they? The vast, overwhelming majority of parents are law-abiding people who don’t quite like the direction public schools are going.

Now today, unfortunately, Attorney General Merrick Garland A. managing committee The hearing announced that the Justice Department would hold strategy sessions over the next 30 days to tackle these perceived threats to school boards and teachers and others. Garland is bringing in US lawyers and others, including the FBI.

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to be honest i think it is President Biden And Attorney General Garland is only weaponizing the Justice Department against the parents. But not all parents, mind you. Only parents who object to the teachings of critical race theory and other interpretations of American history have been repeatedly proven to be factually incorrect.

And I’ll tell you if, I think minority groups in the classroom listen to this stuff, I think they suffer the same or more as the kids who are being targeted. It tells these young minority children that they are suffering, that they are not good, that they cannot succeed or climb the ladder of opportunity because of the color of their skin.

These teachers are spreading crazy leftist ideologies which will cause great harm to minority students. It is divisive. It’s a bunch of dumb fingers, and above all, it’s not teaching all kids to reread, write, and arithmetic an old phrase. It perpetuates racial divisions in the classroom and is nothing but poison. So it’s a lose-lose for everyone.

Now, during the pandemic, when the children were at home, their parents watched Zoom and saw what was going on in these classrooms. And they didn’t like it in the slightest. So when the pandemic starts to clear up, parents start showing up at school board meetings. Well, good for them.

Any sane person of any color would be justified in doing so because it seems school board members tend to forget that they are elected by the community, which includes most parents. So they should heed the idea that democracy needs the consent of the governed. In our system the government is never omnipotent.

Now, the teacher and the others, well, they are playing a game of cat and mouse. We don’t teach critical race theory, he said, and they hide behind a hundred different excuses, which are just a veil to dodge the truth. Now, of course, parents who have watched these Zoom classes know otherwise.

The National School Board Association and the National Education Association, one of the country’s two largest teacher associations, call it propaganda to criticize parents. However, speaking of propaganda, careful research shows that CRT racism is alive and well within the teacher union and their classroom instruction.

At the NEA’s annual meeting in June of this year, key resolutions embracing the critical race theory, and even worse, were mysteriously cleared from their website after the fact.

Again, careful research was found in at least two cases, and I will cite New Business Agenda Item A as the first one, which was adopted. And I’m just going to quote this: “Support and lead campaigns that increase the implementation of culturally responsible learning, critical race theory, and ethnic studies curricula in pre-K to 12 and higher education.” Ok. Seems pretty clear to me.

Then, there is another one – New Business Agenda Item 39, which was adopted as amended. It instructs teachers to provide an in-depth study already built in, and I’m going to quote, “criticism of the empire, white supremacy, anti-blackness, anti-indigenous, racism, patriarchy, capitalism,” and then I go again “And other forms of power and oppression at the crossroads of our society.” end quote.

They scour it from internet records. But we found that and those resolutions were passed.

Now look at this, I leave it to the audience to make their own decision about the appropriateness of such teaching in today’s classrooms and the suitability of parents of all castes and try to stop this nonsense.

America has its flaws. But America’s long history of independence and democracy and market-oriented prosperity is unparalleled in world history. These teachers are not teaching this. And if the parents won’t object, who will?

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening remarks on the October 5, 2021 edition of “Kudlow.”