Last thing Jets need is to spawn Zach Wilson chaos

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A potential storm is brewing off the coast of MetLife Stadium.

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Uncertainty about the track, but Zach Wilson may find himself in the eye of a storm approaching Sunday at 1 p.m.

In a perfect world, impatient Jets fans salivating over an unexpected wild-card playoff dream would leave Wilson behind, must he struggle against the mighty, stingy Bills and refrain from chanting for Mike White at the first sign of trouble. needed. Fans will give Wilson more time to learn who and what the club’s power brokers believe and insist that he still remains.


Alas, Jett doesn’t live in a perfect world.

And neither do his fans.

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Jets fans don’t care that coach Robert Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas have publicly expressed the expected blind faith in their second-overall selection of the 2021 draft.

Fans want Zach Wilson to be Joe Burrows or Justin Herbert or… shall we say… Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen.

I wish Josh Allen could win games on his own right now.

Zach Wilson is being told not to lose the game to himself.

Zach Wilson
Charles Weinzelberg / New York Po

Storm warnings are mounting because Saleh’s sudden, keen interest in developing Mike White as a backup quarterback could prove tantamount to throwing red meat at the public, should Wilson struggle against a defense that’s the lowest. The number in the issue (13.5 ppg) is 1.

In a perfect world, Wilson would play pitch-and-catch with Garrett Wilson and show more than a fleeting flash of talent….

“You’re in your zone during the game,” White told The Post, “like when Zach is playing, you’re watching. And then when Zach comes over the edge, we’re trying to see it on the tablet.” What they’ve been doing, and improving and doing stuff like that.

“You try your best to stop it.”

Should Wilson travel again on his much-anticipated second year jump, Saleh could be forced to turn to White for a spark any Sunday, should the season be on the line at that point.

But with a bye week after this game, Saleh must resist any temptation to push Wilson against the Bills, as he will be playing with a five-alarm fire that will burn up the fan base.

Wilson’s steadfast, vigorous support of the organization this week prevents Saleh from doing anything, for better or worse, than standing by his man at this time.

Oh, by the way: White threw four interceptions in a 45-17 loss against the Bills last November. He hasn’t thrown any passes this season. If you are what your record says you are, then Wilson is 4-1, for what it’s worth.

This season was all about developing Wilson until this win-now opportunity came in a wacky NFL and AFC. But it should still be there.

Zach Wilson (l.) and Mike White
bill costroun

We’ll start to see what kind of fighter Wilson is now. Boo birds are restless. Sunday can prove to be a test of mental toughness of the child.

“I think these little kids are a lot more equipped than I can say,” said Saleh, who didn’t grow up in social media where one person says something and you’re like ‘oh my god. They are able to divide, that’s very interesting. … we’re not worried about Zach.

“Is there some human element that he wants to prove to the world that he’s a good football player? Absolutely. … I think once he figures out his swing, it’s going to be really cool “

In a perfect world, Zach Wilson would prove it against Josh Allen and Von Miller & Co. on Sunday. He’ll prove it doesn’t require another 300-yard game. He’ll prove that making the right play at the right times, and understanding that sometimes the right play is hitting the ball out of bounds.

“The balance is to understand that we have a really good team, he’s surrounded by really good players, and if we can survive to play just one more down, eventually we’ll be where we need to be.” The need is, and our playwrights will do the play,” Saleh said. “So he’s learning every day, he’s getting better every day, and knowing that he’s going to be tireless in that pursuit.”

Teammates noticed a quarterback who was champing a bit to rebound with a vengeance.

Jets coach Robert Saleh

“It looked like he wanted to go back there and play again,” Garrett Wilson told The Post. “When you have a quarterback and that competitor, that’s what you want to see. You want them to be in a hurry to get back out there and prove to all of us that we already know what that is.” . I saw him today.”

Braxton Berrios: “As I said last year, and until I’m sure the day he stops playing in this league: he doesn’t budge. Literally he’s the same guy every day.”

And if there are “We Want White” chants?

“He’s going to come out, don’t budge, play football, like we’re all supposed to do,” Berrios said of Wilson.

Of course, if your quarterback flutters, you don’t have the perfect quarterback. However, the short-range forecast for Sunday does not include sunny skies. Until that happens, the Jets understand as much as when it rains, it can rain.

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