Latest Developments in Ukraine: Sept. 17

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Latest developments in Russia’s war on Ukraine. EDT all the time.

2:16 am: The defense ministers of Germany and Greece have agreed a deal to deliver 40 BMP-1 tanks to Ukraine, the German Defense Ministry said on Friday, according to Reuters.


1:13 am: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that he has yet to decide whether to personally attend the summit of the Group of 20 countries in Indonesia in November.

However, speaking to reporters in Uzbekistan after the regional summit, Putin said Russia would be represented at the meeting.

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12:02 am: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that there are no plans to adjust Russia’s military operations in Ukraine despite a retaliatory strike, adding that Moscow is in no hurry to end the campaign, the agency France-Presse reported.

“The plan is not subject to adjustment,” Putin told reporters during a regional summit in Uzbekistan.

“Our offensive operations in the Donbass don’t stop there. They’re going slow… The Russian army is occupying new and new territories,” Putin said.

“We are not in a hurry … there is no change.”

Putin said Russia was “not fighting with a full army” but only contract troops and added that the main goal of the campaign is “the liberation of the entire region of the Donbass”.

He accused Ukrainian forces of carrying out “terrorist acts” and attempts to damage Russian civilian infrastructure.

“At the moment we are quite restrained in our response to this,” Putin said. “If the situation continues to develop like this, the reaction will be more severe.”

Some information in this report has come from the agencies France-Press and Reuters.


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