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Just as Isaac Newton theorized back in the day that there is a reaction to every action, Laura Ingraham said on Thursday’s show that failures under President Joe Biden are creating disastrous consequences for the county and potentially for Democrats.

Ingraham presented two laws of his own. First, “for every increase in inflation, there is an almost equal and opposite decline in Biden’s polling numbers.”


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A Granthshala News poll in the US released Wednesday addressed rising inflation for the first time, with only 39% approving Biden’s performance, not even a year into his presidency.

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It further showed that 87 per cent of the respondents were concerned about inflation and rising prices.

“And now Americans are watching in horror as rising prices for food, clothing, shelter and energy drain their incomes and savings,” Ingraham said.

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“If Democrats weren’t already concerned about their prospects in 2022 and 2024, they should be now,” Ingraham said.

Rising inflation was exacerbated by a lack of shipping due to bottlenecks in the US supply line. To ease the crisis, the Biden administration announces it has worked out the logistics angel port to extend its hours of operation to 24/7. “With an increase in the number of late-night operations and opening up to fewer rush-hours when stuff can move faster, today’s announcement has the potential to be a gamechanger,” Biden said.

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Ingraham suggested a different action plan. “Or… maybe the Biden administration can actually take steps to shut down our ports? To begin with, Biden can appoint and the Senate can confirm a transportation secretary who is actually qualified and a total hack. Not there.”

Another step Biden could take is working to end the vaccine mandate, which is partly due to a reduction in the workforce.

“Biden can help alleviate the perceived shortage of truck drivers and workers in general by supporting his divisive and anti-science vaccine mandate. We can’t stop our transportation infrastructure any more, so eliminate vaccines now mandatory.” Is!”

Ingraham lamented that the media had the support of the administration.

“Of course, they can always rely on the media to cover their peons.”

Ingraham said that if Biden “rams” through the multi-trillion dollar agenda, “inflation will get much worse.”

Increased inflation would “trigger Ingraham’s second law of consequences.”

The second is that “the more unhappy a political party makes Americans, the more likely they are to be voted out of power.”