Lawyers for N.S. shooting victims’ families tell inquiry RCMP made basic errors

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An attorney representing the victims of the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting said in a public investigation today that it must admit that the RCMP made fundamental errors in its response to the killings.

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Sandra McCulloch, whose firm represents the majority of the victims’ families, said in her closing presentation that officers had “tunnel vision” that allowed them to remember important information during the April 18-19, 2020 killings of 22 people. She came.

She says it was “inconceivable” that hours after the killings began in Portapique, NS, the incident commander was unaware that two eyewitnesses had told responding officers that the killer was in a replica police vehicle. .


McCulloch says the RCMP did not have some basic resources and failed to properly use the resources they did have, noting that Mounties’ helicopter was “sick off-duty” and that senior officers were trying to track down the killer. Mapping technology could not be accessed for

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She concludes that the force was fundamentally untrained, untrained and untrained for a major mass shooting to take place outside.

McCulloch also spoke of the inadequacy of the RCMP’s communications approach, citing the fact that police waited until 10:17 a.m., when the shooting began, to warn the public that the killer was in a replica police car.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on September 20, 2022.


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