‘League Of Legends’ developers share a new punishment for AFK players

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AFK players are being put on naughty footsteps

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Riot Games has shared a development blog that discusses how the Behavior Systems team is approaching the problem of AFK (off the keyboard) players. League of Legends.

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Posted yesterday (September 17), a new blog titled ‘deal with AFK’ explains how – and why – Riot is revamping and improving penalties for AFK players.

An AFK player is one who – either voluntarily or otherwise – leaves a running League of Legends match, leaving your teammates to fight at a 4v5 loss. Since this is a competitive multiplayer game, someone can play a . Leaving League of Legends The match would often ruin the game for the other four players.


Currently, AFK players who skip games in a row face a queue delay, which means waiting fifteen minutes before queuing for a game, a penalty that applies up to 5 games. The goal of this punishment is that “if a person who goes to AFK has a sense of what it’s like to waste their time, they are less likely to do so in the future”.

Although it works for “most people”, dev blogs identify “about nine percent of our players worldwide engage in consistent AFK behavior and are not distracted by a few delays between their games”.

To address this, Riot Games is introducing queue lockout, which will cut repeat offenders out of MOBA queues entirely.

League of Legends. credit: riot games

While the maximum AFK penalty was previously just five games where players had to wait 15 minutes before queuing, three new levels of this queue lockout mean players have to queue for one, three, seven and 14 days respectively. will be prevented from happening.

The dev blog explains the difference between the two systems below:


“When we issue a queue lockout, we’re not saying ‘Hey, don’t you waste your time? We are removing players from the population for the time being so they can’t continue playing AFK in games.”

Behind the scenes, the Behavioral Systems team has also created a “more sophisticated model” that would actually allow improvised players to better reduce their punishment levels, as the current model explicitly “suggests the idea of ​​good behavior”. -bar display” is failing to be recognized properly.

Finally, the blog identifies future work aimed at addressing other player-centric issues. League of Legends. Upcoming work will try to deal with players who do not have sufficient ability to fall back from behind, “an inability to deal with other disruptive behaviors in the game” and general connectivity challenges.

In other news, Battlestate Games has shared a first look at Lighthouse, the next map to join escape from tarkov later this year.

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