Lebanese Hezbollah activists found dead in their car

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    Officials said Lokman Slim, known for his opposition to the Shia movement, was found dead in his car.

    A prominent Lebanese activist known for his opposition to Hezbollah was found dead in his car in the south of the country, security officials and local media said.

    Her family had not heard since Lokaman Slim got into his car on Wednesday evening to return to Beirut.

    “He He was found dead in his car after being shot by an officer, ”an official told AFP news agency on Thursday on condition of anonymity.

    Another source told the Reuters news agency that the activist and publisher running the research center was shot dead and the motive was not immediately clear.

    Lebanese media also reported his death.

    A journalist, political analyst and activist known as one of the leading Shia voices criticizing Hezbollah, Slim was regularly attacked in the media loyal to the powerful group.

    Security sources did not immediately elaborate on the circumstances of his death, but Slim’s own sister said that before his death it was confirmed that his disappearance was essentially linked to his opinion.

    “He There was a political stand, so why was he kidnapped, ”Rasha al-Amir told AFP.

    Slim was often criticized by Hezbollah supporters for being supported by the United States.

    The secular intellectual and pro-democracy activist had also made several documentary films with his wife, Monica Borgman, when an alarm sounded on social media over her husband’s disappearance.


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