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First on Fox: Republican lawmakers on Thursday sent a letter to the US military secretary urging the service to immediately repeal its policy requiring military officers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel .

Texas Representative Chip Roy, Utah Sen. Mike Lee and Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson led the letter, which said “there is no basis for treating vaccinated and unvaccinated soldiers differently.” It argued that the policy does not comply with new CDC guidelines because vaccinated soldiers could still be infected or infected with the coronavirus.


The letter called the military’s policy a “political maneuver” that is “unfounded” and “endangers military preparedness,” including affecting “the confidence and morale of our major combat force”.

“Policies like these could contribute to significant recruiting difficulty, exacerbating the military’s struggle to meet recruiting objectives for FY22,” the Republican said. This comes at a time when US military recruitment is lagging.

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Thousands of Army National Guard soldiers who haven’t received COVID-19 vaccine may be kicked out

Fox Digital reported in August the findings of the US military’s fragmented orders that said the military had barred unvaccinated soldiers from official travel.

Fox News Digital exclusively obtained a pair of US Army fragmented orders (FRAGOs) from multiple sources detailing the COVID-19 guidance issued on July 8 and 19.

FRAGO’s orders, issued on July 8, include a bold update from June 16, 2022, reminding soldiers of guidance restricting unvaccinated soldiers — even those with a vaccine exemption. Awaits – from joining the official visit without “prior approval” from Under Secretary of the Army Gabe. Camarillo.

Several lawmakers commented on the letter calling for an end to the vaccine mandate for official travel.

“It is intolerable that the military is punishing all illiterate soldiers — even those receiving medical or religious exemptions — by cutting them off from significant career advancement opportunities,” said R-Texas Rep. Chip Roy.

“The Biden administration has shown what their tyrannical policy is really about: a deliberate, ideological purge of members of the Patriotic Service who dare to follow their consciences and religious beliefs. Clearly, this kind of irrational It’s because of policies that the military is disastrously failing to meet recruitment goals. Such atrocious, anti-American policies are what make our enemies laugh and applaud.”

House GOP convention vice president Mike Johnson, R-La.  says the military is creating "second-class soldiers" without vaccinations.

Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La. “Army policy currently requires all servicemen who have not received a COVID vaccine, including those with permanent religious or medical exemptions, before being allowed to make an official demonstration,” the Under Secretary of the Army said. Must get approval from. Travel, move, or change jobs.”

Doctor. Deborah Birx says she knew COVID vaccines would not ‘prevent infection’

“As long as this policy is in effect,” Johnson said, “they are effectively second-class soldiers. If you’re wondering why the military is failing so miserably in recruiting and retention, look no further. The policy should be canceled immediately.”

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.  led the letter to the army.

“We cannot continue this misguided path of state-sponsored discrimination against soldiers who refuse to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, including those providing religious exemptions,” said Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.

“These men and women honorably serve our country, often risking their lives to defend us at home and abroad. Current policy jeopardizes our military preparedness and jeopardizes the career opportunities of qualified service members We need to do better for these American patriots.”

The US military did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

Fox News’ Houston Keene contributed to this report