Lee Sang Yeob confirmed to star in the new MBC drama alongside Jange Young and Moon So Ri

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    Lee Sang Yeob has been confirmed for an upcoming MBC drama!

    On 23 February, it was reported that the actor would make his comeback with MBC’s upcoming drama “No One in the Right Mind” (working title). The play follows the story of middle-aged employees who are struggling to survive in their competitive workplace that is undergoing considerable changes. It will touch on the “hot issues” of office life, such as resigning, moving to a new job, as well as laying out.

    Later that day, Lee Sang Yeob confirmed his presence as Kwon from Han, who works in the business sector of an electronics company. Although Han Si Kwon belongs to the owner of the company group, he is considered an inferior who is unable to fit properly into the owner’s family. He has a strong desire to get his character recognized and succeed on his own.

    This upcoming role will act in a completely different form from the romanticistic characters of 2020’s Lee Sang Yeob, such as SBS’s “Good Casting” and KBS’s “Once Again.”

    He Jung Je Young and Moon So Ri are being confirmed, who will appear as their co-workers.

    Jung Jae Young will play Choi Ban Seok, a developer in Hanyang Electronics’ home appliances division. He Claims an impressive academic background, but is not the best worker, which makes him look outwardly extraordinary when he is a sloppy character in real life. He There is an experienced engineer who is reasonable, warm and determined to make people laugh. Although he displays an incredible sense of survival through a period of downsizing at Hanyumang Electronics, he eventually ends up in the HR team through a series of ups and downs.

    Moon Soe Ri plays the role of the leader of HR, a work called Dang Ja Young. She He has the best, fastest and most active staff on the team. With her fiery tenacity, she dreams of becoming the company’s first female executive. However, Choi Ban Seok’s inclusion in her team becomes a hindrance as she becomes unaware of what to do with him.

    MBC’s “No One in the Right Mind” will premiere this June and every Wednesday and Thursday.

    In the meantime, start watching Lee Sang Yeob in “Once Again” below!

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