Letters to the Editor — June 24, 2021

Issue: Eric Adams???? Leading in the race for New York City mayor after Tuesday’s primary vote.

How can a paper like The Post support Eric Adams (a ???? Adams leads the mayoral vote, a ???? June 23)?

He likes to talk about being a cop, but the NYPD doesn’t support him. Isn’t that enough to show that he’s not supported by the organization he likes to brag about belonging to? Does anyone see this as a potential issue?

Why did he retire so early as a captain? The last thing this city needs is another mayor who thinks he knows better than the NYPD brass.

If he wins, be ready for more???? A sad state of affairs.

P. Kaplan

Eric Adams a ????? A lot like Batman???? character one????two-face.one????

On the one hand, as The Post noted, he talks tough on crime, or at least tougher than the pro-criminal leftists running in the Democratic Party. He is also a former cop.

But Adams was also the leader of the 100 Blacks in law enforcement Who Care, an anti-police predecessor to Black Lives Matter. The group never failed to bash the police, despite the murder rate skyrocketing.

If Adams is the best that New York City can do, I feel sorry for the law-abiding citizens of Gotham.

Frank M. Bifulko

Bob McManus, who is one of the three ????Never-Miss???? Columnists at The Post Bull-Pen (Miranda Devine and Michael Goodwin being the other two) were right about Eric Adams passing the leadership test – ???? Like (A????Eric passes the leadership test, A????Jun 21).

His words, along with the action of putting up your own cash to apprehend a suspect, speak volumes. But his absence speaks just as loudly in the presence of surrenders by Bronx and Manhattan district attorneys.

Adams cares about crime to an extent???? Which stops when the camera is gone. Politics is local, but so is crime. If Adams in crime supporters are too afraid to speak out against district attorneys, then he is not the right person for the time.

Stephen Valentini
Bonita Springs, Fla.

Eric Adams???? The leadership in the primary shows that the media gaslighting voters did not serve to discredit the police.

Andrew Yang performed almost as badly as he did in his failed presidency. New York University and Starbucks liberals were the only ones to vote for this idiot.

Hopefully in November we’ll be calling Curtis Sliva????hizoner.a????

Andrew Delaney
Jamaica Estates

The issue: Christopher Rufo dismisses a Washington Post piece accusing him of false reporting.

There’s No Endgame With This Critical Race Theory Madness (A ???? Fail Smear, A ??? Post Opinion, Jun 23).

Its attendants happily sit back, or join in, as lily-white spineless saps apologizing for their privilege or simply being born. Progressives try to end oppression by calling for more of it.

For the news outlet named in the attacks on Christopher Rufo, this can only mean one thing – ???? There is truth in his favor.

gary keelin

the one in the middle???? New normal???? Its downright infamous job on the series and Rufo, The Washington Post has now cemented its position as the worst newspaper in the country.

This paper invents a story and then attempts to back it up with smears disguised as facts. The Rufo piece was particularly strong.

Doesn’t owner Jeff Bezos realize that things like this go on in places like China, or does he just not care? His paper is embarrassing.

robert dinardo

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