Letters to the Editor — Sept. 21, 2022

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The issue: Democrats’ lack of criticism of the Biden administration blowing migrants into cities across America.

Democrats believe that Gov. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are acting silly and vengeful by driving illegal immigrants to New York, Chicago and Martha’s Vineyard (‘See the Border, GOP, Miranda Devine, Sept. 19).

But they do not rebuke President Biden, who has secretly flown illegal immigrants across the country.

I appreciate the actions of governors in sending illegal immigrants to welcome sanctuary cities. It is time for the whole of America to bear the consequences of Biden’s stupid and dangerous immigration policies.

Democrats speak thorny, praise illegal immigrants entering the US – but say: “Please, not in my backyard.”

America has always been a liberal nation and has welcomed legal immigrants. But two million illegal immigrants severely deplete our financial, medical, housing and school resources to the detriment of our own citizens.

President Biden needs to stop illegal immigrants from entering the US.

Joseph Valente

Staten Island

Before Massachusetts State Representative Dylan Fernandes accuses DeSantis of human trafficking, he should first look at the Biden administration and its policy of covert midnight flights of migrants to regions across the country.

These flights were underway long before any of the Southern governors devised a way of retaliation against the Liberals.

If anyone is to blame for anything, it’s Biden and his administration – who have created this humanitarian crisis by allowing our borders to become a Swiss thing with so many holes that millions of immigrant migrants are entering this country. Yes, putting a lot of pressure. On the systems and agencies set up to prevent such crises.

It is this administration that is the real culprit, not Abbott, DeSantis or any other governor standing up and saying “enough is enough.”

alan brooks


It was fine when the Biden administration was taking these illegal immigrants under the cover of night to different states across the country, but now that these southern states are doing it, suddenly it is kidnapping and human trafficking.

This is a perfect example of double standards. Wake up, America, and drain the swamp.

Pete Verdakiso

Morris Plains

The Biden administration is a constant disaster for America.

In less than two years, this man has taken a devastating blow to our country and seriously damaged the quality of life of everyone except our wealthiest citizens – many of whom support his madness. , however, are not affected by it.

There were no plans to deal with the uncontrolled mass of humans, they not only allowed but encouraged them to enter our country illegally – and now our homeless shelters and services are completely overwhelmed and inflicted by this self-inflicted humanitarian crisis. unable to deal with.

Meanwhile, the oligarchs who control our government and support this madness are in their wealthy enclaves, far from the repercussions of these disastrous policies that have been imposed on average citizens.

I shudder to think how much more damage this idiot will do to our country for the rest of his term in the White House.

Thomas Urban


It is amazing how Democrats can make such dishonest and shameless statements with a straight face. Mayor Adams says the influx of illegal immigrants is a “humanitarian crisis created by human hands”.

This humanitarian crisis existed for a few years. Apparently for Adams, it only became a crisis when a small fraction of the illegal immigrants who regularly swamp Texas were deported to New York. And this crisis was born out of the incompetence and selfishness of President Biden.

Adams has been asking Biden for funds to deal with this. Why didn’t Adams tell Biden to close the border? This will solve the crisis for all concerned. Adams and many Democratic leaders are as guilty of this crisis as Biden.

Josh Greenberger


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