A former Smith College employee resigned last Friday during a month-long standoff with Massachusetts College, alleging that the school was in a “racially hostile environment.”

in Monday post For her website, Jodi Shaw said she could no longer tolerate the impact that her mental health had on working and that she had rejected a “lenient agreement” from the university that included “necessary secrecy” Will be.

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Shaw said that Smith College President Kathleen McCartney had misrepresented her conversation in her own post and offered to accept a seriousness only in the matter that Smith had in her “mandatory race-based conflict session” And will take steps to eliminate their needs “The staff judges each other and the students in our care based on the color of our skin. “

According to Shaw, when Smith said that they would not consider the changes, she would have to consider how she could “do the best she could for the cause” and acknowledged that the “importance of telling the truth” was worth it. Was not worth

“I knew it was going to be an ugly process, and I’m sure this is not the last attempt by Smith to discredit me. It seems that facts matter to Smith; what matters to Smith is not That is its commitment to the disastrous race. Based on policies, “he concludes. “I look forward to seeing Smith in court.”

Shaw’s statement came on the statement of McCartney’s second letter In which it “denied Shaw’s” baseless “claims – though not mentioning Shaw by name – and says that Shaw’s resignation” contains many inaccurate statements about the college’s equity and inclusion initiatives. “

“The employee suggests that Smith tried to buy his silence. But it was the employee himself who demanded an exceptionally large sum of money in exchange for waiving the threatened legal claim and agreeing to standard confidentiality provisions,” McCartney emphasized . “Further, while her complaint is aimed at Employee Smith, her public communications make clear that her complaints about equity and inclusion training are more widespread.”

McCartney said the school’s commitment to advancing equity in inclusion is “grounded in evidence,” noting that self-reflection is a “prerequisite to making meaningful progress in combating inequalities and unconscious prejudices.”

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“The purpose of our equity and inclusion training is never to embarrass or destabilize. Rather, the goal is to facilitate authentic conversations that help remove the barriers between us, and the college welcomes constructive criticism of our workshops And [training], “He finished.

McCartney caught fire after 2014 Writing a letter to studentsFaculty, and staff regarding Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and a faculty regarding the recognition of the “harsh reality of racial injustice” “A difference in everyone’s life.”

She She later said that she had come to regret her words and promised to commit as a “white ally” to learn from the experiences of people of color and accept mistakes despite her “best intentions” .

Shaw, who graduated from the private liberal arts school for women in 1993, began working three years later in the Office of Student Affairs as an administrative assistant – a student support coordinator.

In the fall of last year, Shaw posted a post on his favorite channel called “Dear Smith College: I Have a Request” after he said Smith “engaged in behavior” pushed him “in a row”.

The “lifelong libertarian” called on his school leadership to stop “lowering his personality in the racial category” by “knowing what he thinks and feels about himself, who he is or his culture on his skin.” Is based on the color, when asked, to project stereotypes and beliefs based on the color of his skin, and in telling him that young women of color have no power or agency, while young white women have There is power or privilege for everyone.

“Stop demanding that I accept ‘white privilege’ and act on my so-called ‘implicit bias’ as my continued employment,” she urged.

“In the end, we have the right to work in an ever-present terror-free environment to crush our reputation, ruin our livelihoods, and even material security on any disqualified student of racism or any other ‘ism’.” Has the power to endanger. About himself or his family members, “Shaw said.

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Since October, Shaw has posted A series of On White Privilege, in Conformity Conformity, and in Direct Response to Some College.

She Has interviewed with several outlets and was a guest The Megyn Kelly Show Podcast At the beginning of the month.

In addition, a letter of resignation attributed to Shaw was included in former New York Times editor editor Bari Weiss Newspaper On 19 February.

In it, Weiss wrote that Shaw earned $ 45,000 per year in her former position and is a divorced mother of two children before posting the letter.

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In addressing McCartney, Shaw says his complaints could be tied up in a number of incidents – saying the campus climate was altered when a white staff member called campus police over a black student In 2018 And she was told that she could not proceed with the one-month presentation because it was going to be in “rap form” and could be considered “cultural appropriation”.

Shaw said she filed an internal complaint that she believed was not based solely on her skin color and that “important aspects” of her job were later removed without explanation.

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“Under the guise of racial progress, Smith College has created a racially hostile environment in which personal discrimination and hostility thrives. In this environment, people are treated as human beings, and the degree to which they are treated with respect and dignity ., Is determined by the color of their skin, “she argued. “This is an environment in which the new critical race is being alienated from conservatives – or even to fail for some sort of McCarthy-era loyalty oath – is the basis for public humiliation and professional retaliation. “

“I promised that the conservatives landed on Smith and many of our educational institutions would not give up fighting against the dangerous pond.” “The future of my children, and indeed, our collective future as an independent nation, depends on those who dare to stand up for this dangerous and divisive ideology, no matter what.”

“The college president stands behind McCartney’s response,” Smith College senior director of news and strategic communications Stacey Shamidell told Granthshala News on Tuesday. “Furthermore, we do not comment on potential or pending litigation.”

According to Massway, Shaw plans to file a civil rights lawsuit against Smith College. Attempts by Granthshala News to contact Shaw did not immediately return.

To date, Shaw has raised over $ 214,000 On a GoFundMe page She said it would be used to help both her and others in similar situations with legal and living expenses – an amount of more than $ 150,000 in an escrow account.

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On Saturday, Shaw tweeted that his GoFundMe page had been “under review” and had a hold on all funds he feared “for ideological reasons.”

However, the GoFundMe page is now back online and the crowdfunding platform told Granthshala News on Tuesday that the fund would be released to Shaw and that his Trust and Safety team were in contact with him.