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50 Cent is getting called out by Lil Kim and his fans after he shared a meme video comparing his “Magic Stick” colleague to “Leprechaun.”

The rapper, 46, deleted, then reposted the video that featured Lil Kim walking upside down while performing on stage before the clip shifted to a scene in the movie “Leprechaun,” in which the character sneaks into a cave. Appears to be coming out.


“I just said I thought it was funny LOL,” 50 Cent — whose real name is Curtis Jackson — captioned the repost.

However, the public trolling didn’t sit well with fans of the 47-year-old “Get Money,” who expressed their displeasure with the “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” actor.

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“They have SMH issues,” said one commenter on The Shade Room. Instagram post Which showed Lil Kim’s clap back in action. “What’s the real need to try to knock him down???” Another fan added. “My community needs to get better.”

Lil Kim addressed 50 Cent directly in a lengthy social media response, writing, “Ur so obsessed with me and it’s getting scary…

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Back in July, 50 Cent also took aim at Lil Kim when he compare him to a snowy owl For her look at the BET Awards.

While Lil Kim acknowledged the “accuracy” of the effort, calling it “hilarious,” she said her friends and family were more upset about the joke than it was at the time.

Back in July, 50 Cent also took aim at Lil' Kim when he compared her to Snow Owl for her look at the 2021 BET Awards.

In response to 50 Cent, she said, “I see you still feel about that dinner date you asked me out that I had to turn down.” “Let it go you have a beautiful girlfriend, I have a lovely husband. Let it go.”