Lincoln Project founder George Conway shut down the group amid a crisis of oppression.

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    George T., one of the founders of the Trump Group founder Lincoln Project. Conway III said on Tuesday that it should close in the wake of revelations that some of its leadership ignored warnings that another founder was harassing young people, including interns. .

    His remarks came after Kurt Bardella, a former senior consultant on the project. Tweeted On Tuesday, “Just shut it down already … it’s over.” Mr. Conway agreed In my own tweet, Writing, “It’s a shame, and we should not forget the hard work of so many people and the positive things done by the organization, but alas, I think that’s right.”

    In an interview on Tuesday, Mr. Conway said, “It’s really very sad and depressing, and I hope it doesn’t tarnish the work of so many people who dedicate themselves to such a good cause.”

    The Lincoln Project emerged during the last year, when a major group of Republicans raised Donald J. Opposed Trump’s presidency, skewed him with fake advertisements and drew a large line to the left.

    But last month’s revelations that longtime political strategist John Weaver, one of the group’s founders, had repeatedly harassed young men, including at least one minor, have put the group in jeopardy . The leaders of one group were already aware of Mr. Weaver’s conduct after reporting that its problems intensified.

    On Monday, the project said it hired a law firm, Paul Hastings, to investigate allegations of inappropriate behavior by John Weaver under a comprehensive review of its operations and culture.

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