Lisa Armstrong poses in ‘thug life’ snap as Ant McPartlin discusses addiction

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Lisa Armstrong is seen posing with the “Thug Life” filter after Ant McPartlin opened up about her battle with addiction.

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The makeup artist took to her social media to share the bizarre filtered clip as Ludacris plays Move B**** in the background.

Lisa was seen using the ‘Thug Life’ filter on Instagramcredit: Instagram
Meanwhile Ant was busy talking about addiction at a convention in London

Meanwhile Ant was busy talking about addiction at a convention in Londoncredit: getty

Lisa, 44, can be seen standing with a friend in the video before she froze in a black-and-white snapshot to complete the filter.


A black cap, glasses and gold chain were placed on the screen, with the words “Thug Life” written on it as the camera zoomed in on his face.

She reposted the clip on her Instagram Stories twice on Thursday afternoon as she and her friends worked behind the scenes on a photoshoot.

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This came after her ex-husband Ant opened up about his battle with addiction at an Addiction on Addiction event in London on Thursday.

Ant arrived with Anne-Marie Corbett, whom she married in August in a star-studded ceremony, and presented the show with co-host Declan Donnelly.

Also in attendance was the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton – who mistakenly posed as “Her Majesty” on December 46.

The mode of address is reserved for the Queen – with the I’m A Celebrity host quickly mocking her veritable royal jungle.

He looked straight at the Duchess of Cambridge, who was sitting in the front row, joking: “I just promoted you there.”

He began the program by telling the guests: “Soon we will be hearing from Her Majesty… Her Royal Highness.”

He laughed and said: “I just promoted you there, rather prematurely.”

The 45-year-old ant standing next to him on the podium tried to save his friend, saying: “It must happen all the time.”

Dec replied: “It doesn’t happen to me. We will hear from Her Royal Highness, rather, very soon.”

“Then we will see a very powerful short film that challenges the notion of addictions.”

The Duchess spoke with Ant and December at BAFTA headquarters in Piccadilly, London, moments before giving a speech to a greater number of families suffering from addiction than ever before.

It was supposed to be a brief handshake for the cameras, but turned into a candid conversation about the nature of addiction.

Ant, who is battling an addiction to painkillers, alcohol, and has spent time in rehab, has spoken candidly about her struggles in the past.

As she turned a corner, the Duchess was surprised to see Ant and December mocking them and forcing her to participate in the I’m A Celebrity Bushtacker Trial.

The Duchess said: “The more you talk to everyone … and hear some of their stories today … once you start sharing your story there are a lot of people who have experienced it themselves , or know someone.”

The ant said: “I felt myself. By the time I asked for help, the situation had worsened. But as soon as you open up to people… the problems start disappearing. Everything will be alright.”

He continued: “Many people don’t know where to turn or what to do… they get lost.”

Kate talks about her passion for prevention and helping people deal with their problems before they reach the point of crisis.

She said: “You hear it over and over… it gets to the point [where people say] ‘I wish I had this support earlier.'”

Dec replied: “You hear a lot of people saying, ‘Things didn’t change until I hit the bottom of the rock.’

“If we can stop people from hitting rock bottom, wherever they are… it will make a big difference.”

After a knee operation in 2015, Ant struggled with a two-year addiction to super-strength painkillers.

He went to rehab in 2017 before returning a year after his car crash.

He was over twice the alcohol limit at the time and was arrested after failing a breath analyzer test.

The makeup artist took to her Instagram Stories with the post

The makeup artist took to her Instagram Stories with the postcredit: Instagram
Ant and December meet with the Duchess of Cambridge on Action on Addiction

Ant and December meet with the Duchess of Cambridge on Action on Addictioncredit: getty

Hilarious moment December Donnelly accidentally mixes up The Queen and Kate Middleton by calling her ‘Your Majesty’

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