TORONTO – On election night, Granthshala National News is checking in with a group of young Canadians who will share their thoughts on federal leaders, their promises, their campaigns, and issues that were overlooked over the past 36 days.

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Beginning at 6:30 p.m. EDT, Anne-Marie Medivac of Granthshala’s Your Morning will host Granthshala’s Voters Viewpoint Panel as part of Granthshala News’ special election coverage. Panelists’ conversations will be chronicled on this live blog, continuing with other discussions Facebookhandjob Twitter Spacehandjob instagram, And TIC Toc.

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sara barzaki

Sara Barzak, Executive Director, Joins Medivac London School of Racial Leaders. Barzak, of Malay-Palestinian descent, was inspired to take the initiative after Islamophobic attacks against the Afzal family in London, Ont. earlier this summer.

Chief Brent Bissilien

Also taking center stage will be Chief of Serpent River First Nation in Ontario, Brent Bisillion, who began his two-year term in 2019, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic began. The CIS two-spirit Anishinaabe leader is also a board member of PASAN, a community-based prisoner health and harm reduction organization.

  • For more on the panelists, read: ‘Really frustrating’: Racial people ignored in federal election campaign

Danielle-Joseline Otou

Third on the panel is Danielle-Joseline Ottou, director of communications and strategic engagement. nostalgia is boring, a National Non-Profit Charity which seeks to include Canadian youth in all levels of democracy. He has years of experience in implementing social change for underrepresented communities and dealing with issues related to the social impact of policies.

Samanta Krishnapilai

Rounding out the panel is Samantha Krishnapillai, Founder, Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief on the canada project, One Instagram account Which shares information targeted to Canada’s Millennial and Generation Z populations. She also has a Masters in Health Informatics from Western University and hosts a podcast called “Wait, What’s Up.”

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