Live politics updates: Mike Pence declines invitation to speak at conservative CPAC conference

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    Former Vice President Mike Pence has declined an invitation to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, a major annual gathering of the most influential figures in American conservatives, opening this week in Orlando, Florida.

    The news of Pence’s decision comes a day after former President Donald Trump joined the list of speakers after he stepped down.

    Matt Slapp, president of the American Conservative Union and a primary organizer of the CPAC, said Pence declined the invitation to speak at the conference. Schlapp said he thinks it is a “mistake” for Pence to avoid the incident because “his conservative record is well-respected, and would like to hear his verdict on the current threats posed by conservative socialism and this radical Democratic Party.” Huh.”

    Pence was a frequent and popular speaker at CPAC in recent years. The former vice-president will be the highest-profile Republican to have not taken office recently.

    Pence has reportedly distanced himself personally from Trump following the January 6 riots, where many supporters of the former president were hopeful that Pence would reverse the results of the Electoral College, which a vice president does not have. The transformation of “Hang Mike Pence” passed through the halls of Congress that day as rioters ransacked the building.

    Trump’s speech is expected to focus on the future of the Republican Party and conservatism. He It is also expected to target President Joe Biden’s immigration platform, which was outlined recently with congressional Democrats who plan to introduce legislation to implement the agenda.

    – Matthew Brown

    Rep. Steve Scalise: Don’t Blame Trump for Capital Riots

    House Minority Whip Steve Scalise blamed former President Donald Trump for the violence that took place on January 6 during the capital riots.

    “There’s definitely a lot of blame to go around,” the Louisiana Republican quoted ABC News on Sunday.

    The second-highest-ranking member in the leadership of the Republican House, Scalise is a strong defender of Trump since the former president stepped down. Scales was among 121 House members who objected to the final count of the Electoral College on 6 January.

    “But at the end of the day, those who created a ruckus on the Capitol on January 6 were a disgrace. And they should be held accountable,” Scalise emphasized, moving on to the question of whether Trump took responsibility for the attack Had taken

    A USA TODAY / Suffolk University poll found that 58% of Republican voters believe anti-fascist or anti-fascist groups were responsible for violence during public support. 6 Capital riots, despite the lack of any evidence to support it. He insisted. Federal investigators and several reports have found rioters as supporters of Trump, many of whom have ties to right-wing extremist groups.

    “Joe Biden’s president,” Skelze acknowledged, casting aspirations on the legitimacy of the electoral process. He The anticipated skepticism about the system will continue among many voters in the coming years.

    “And I think the biggest frustration many people have is whether those states have not followed the law, are they going to do it in the future, or do we ultimately have what it takes to choose the constitution.” Our leader? ”Scalise questioned.

    Many states and municipalities around the country changed their voting process due to the coronovirus epidemic, moves that were lawsuits before and after the 2020 election. Regulatory changes, which expanded and constrained various voting rights in different regions, were enacted by both parties and survived court challenges.

    – Matthew Brown

    US communicates with Iran about the release of detained Americans

    National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was adamant that the Biden administration would make the safe return of detained Americans in Iran an important point in the forthcoming talks.

    Sullivan called CBS News “Face the Nation” on Sunday, “We intend to communicate directly with Iranians about complete and utter displeasure, humanitarian mayhem that is unjust, unlawful detention of American citizens in Iran.” Keep. “

    Sullivan stressed that “we will not accept a long-term proposal where they continue to hold Americans in an unjust and unlawful manner. It will be an important priority of this administration to bring those Americans back home safely.”

    Iran has consistently said that talks will not resume until the US removes sanctions, a move the Biden administration says Iran could return to in compliance with its commitments under the nuclear deal.

    Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif said on Sunday, “America will not be able to rejoin the nuclear deal before sanctions are lifted.” “Once everyone enforces their side of the obligations, the negotiations will take place.”

    Sullivan told CBS News that President Joe Biden is “determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons” and that Iran has “not yet responded” to its messages and asked them to restart the nuclear deal Has requested.

    The deadlock has complicated other negotiations between nations, including regional security and the repatriation of Americans imprisoned by Tehran.

    At least five US citizens are currently being detained by the Iranian government.

    – Matthew Brown

    Excess: Iran says it will begin limiting international surveillance of its nuclear sites

    Arkansas GOP Gov. Hutchinson says he will not support Trump in 2024

    On Sunday, he was asked if he would support former President Donald Trump in another presidential bid in 2024, Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson had given a simple answer: “No, I will not.”

    Hutchinson, a popular governor of the Red State, argued that the GOP needed to listen to other voices in the party and not define itself as eccentric by the former president.

    “Well, he will only define our party if we let him define his party”, Hutchinson said, adding that conservatives can still welcome Trump at events such as the Conservative Political Action Conference, the high-profile conservative convention should call Trump his Is scheduled to be made after the first presidential speech.

    The governor warned, however, that the party “should also look to those who have different perspectives,” such as Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy, who Hutchinson said “is still staunch-conservative, but for the future of our party There is a different voice. ” “

    Trump is quite popular with conservative-leaning voters. A USA Today / Suffolk University poll released on Sunday found that nearly half of their voters would leave the GOP if Trump started a new party.

    “We have to answer and identify with the issues that gave him the first election and support him throughout his presidency,” Hutchinson said.

    “We just handle it in a different way with different personalities,” he argued.

    – Matthew Brown

    Texas gop Rep. McCall: ‘I’m not going on some vacation’ during a crisis

    San Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has been widely criticized after the revelation that he traveled with his family to Cancun, Mexico, as his home state suffered from deadly winter storms and rolling blackouts. The attacks gained popularity in traditional media and from some in Cruz’s own party.

    “Look, when a crisis hits my state, I’m there. I’m not going on some vacation. I know Mr. Cruz has called it a mistake, and he owns it. But I think It was a big one. Mistake, ” Rep. Michael McCall, R-Texas, told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

    “Saturday Night Live” also mocked the Texas senator for attempting to flee to Mexico with a character named “Bryant Cruz” in his opening skit. “I deeply regret my actions over the last few days,” says the cruise character. “Mostly, United Flight.”

    Since then, the real Cruise has been mocked for photos posted on social media showing him water bottles and other supplies. Several photos Cruise posted on Twitter, including “#TexasStrong”, accused of demonstrative activism and fake compassion.

    – Matthew Brown

    President Biden goes to meet Bob Dole after being diagnosed with lung cancer

    President Joe Biden went to meet former Sen. Bob Dole Saturday evening at his home in Washington, DC. The White House told reporters that he went to meet “his close friend”. Dole and Biden served in the Senate together for decades.

    Dole, 97, served in Congress from 1969 to 1996, during which the Kansas Republicans were both majority and minority leaders in the Senate and in 1996 the Republican nominee for the presidency. On Monday, he announced that he had been diagnosed with a lung. Cancer

    “While I certainly have some hurdles ahead, I also know that I am among the millions of Americans who face significant health challenges of their own,” Dole said in a statement.

    The White House did not announce the meeting before Biden’s visit, which lasted more than an hour. Asked by reporters how the former senator is doing, Biden said Dole was doing well. Dole is set to begin his cancer treatment in the coming week.

    – Matthew Brown

    This article originally appeared on USA Today: Live Politics Update: Mike Pence declines invitation to speak at CPAC

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