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President Joe Biden is expected to announce a new plan to launch 24-hour operations at the Port of Los Angeles to ease the bottleneck of cargo ships amid a growing supply chain crisis.

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“We’ve been hard-pressed to identify problems and solutions to those problems to accelerate the movement of goods,” a senior administration official told reporters in a preview ahead of Biden’s remarks on Wednesday. “Today’s commitment is a big deal and will go a long way in addressing short-term challenges.”

US consumers have faced an increase in product shortages, particularly for items ordered online and rapidly rising prices. Supply chain disruptions, which the administration has largely attributed to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, have also hit the ground goods industry.


Ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, account for 40 percent of all shipping containers entering the United States.

Today I’m announcing that the Port of LA will begin working round the clock to make sure Americans get what they need.

My administration is working round the clock to move more goods faster and strengthen the resilience of our supply chain.

President Biden (@POTUS) 13 October 2021

Biden will hold a meeting with business and union leaders, the US Chamber of Commerce and other groups on Wednesday afternoon and comment at 2:20 p.m. ET.

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