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The Biden administration has stepped up deportation efforts at the US-Mexico border, sending back thousands of migrants who gathered at the Del Rio bridge in Texas.

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An estimated 10,000 migrants are still waiting to be processed, many of them fleeing the violence and economic ruin following the July assassination of the Haitian country’s president and a major earthquake in August that killed 100,000 More houses destroyed.

There are growing humanitarian concerns, migrants sleeping amid growing piles of garbage, and videos showing Border Patrol Agents using whip to drive back migrants near the bridge. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the scenes “deeply disturbing.” While former President Donald Trump said the border crisis suggested America was becoming a “third world nation”.


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Conflict between Haitian exiles and US officials

The first deportation flights from the US to Haiti were scuffled as dozens of deportees tried to bring the plane back after it landed.

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Dozens clashed with US officials yesterday after a flight landed in Port-au-Prince, with a security guard closing the plane’s door to avoid crowds on the plane.

The group included other men and women from four flights arriving in the Haitian capital on Tuesday, with some people losing their belongings in the scuffle as police arrived.

Mexico blocks border buses to prevent migrants from reaching US cities

According to Luis ngel Urraza, president of the local Chamber of Commerce, routes have been halted in the state of Coahuila and the US government has closed the bridge connecting Ciudad Acua and Del Río as of yesterday.

He said the shutdown is weighing heavily on businesses in the area, which have been waiting for the migrant population to drop enough for the bridge to reopen.

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Haitians are being released into the US on a ‘very, very large scale’

An unnamed official told the Associated Press that several Haitian immigrants have been issued with notices to appear at an immigration office within 60 days. The result requires less processing time from Border Patrol agents than an order to appear in an immigration court.

If the reports are proven, it would undermine statements made by the Biden administration that those camping in border towns would face immediate deportation.

Granthshala has contacted the Department of Homeland Security for comment.

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