Liverpool 0-1 Brighton: Reds Player Ratings Premier League 2020-21 after crashing to another defeat at Anfield

    Liverpool went down 1-0 at home as a Brighton Premier League holders lost ground ahead in the race for the crown this season. Steven Alget scored after a scuffle in the 56th minute after Liverpool lost consecutive home matches for the first time since September 2012.

    In contrast to London’s thrilling pair of victories in the last two matches, Jurgen Klopp’s men once again held par and struggled to break Brighton’s strong backline.

    Despite retaining the lion’s share of possession, Liverpool had to hit just one shot on goal and never tried to find their way after scoring the goal. The loss now leaves defending winner roundaway leaders Manchester City by seven points despite one game and play.

    Liverpool player rating vs Brighton

    Kaohimin Kellehar – 7/10

    The 21-year-old Custodian had a quiet first half, but made a series of significant saves after the break. However, he could not do anything about Alzette’s strike.

    Trent Alexander-Arnold – 5

    The young players of the reigning Premier League have grown bored of this season. After leaving a masterclass against Tottenham, he has turned into a bad form, which continued tonight. He The guard was also caught by Bern in the lead to score the goal.

    Net Philips – 6

    The youngster had another reassuring performance for Liverpool, but would be disappointed to see a poor takedown throughout the match, hitting Azlet before finding the net.

    Jordan Henderson – 7/10

    The Liverpool captain played a center-back in the water like a fish and sent another masterclass into the match. He Even the match with 101 gave the most accurate passes.

    Andy Robertson – 6/10

    An energetic presence on the left flank and he pushed forward several times, but his runs did not make an incision and were once again left without the assistance of the Scotsman.

    Thiago Alcantara – 7/10

    Punished by Oni class and the Spaniard as he watched them go on by weaving together attacking movements. Thiago’s delivery inside the box was not the most accurate, however.

    Georginio Visionaldum – 5/10

    He The first half did not get any good chances and resulted in a break on the brakes.

    James Milner – 7/10

    The veteran Premier League player worked really hard, covering each blade of the Anfield grass, as he did his best to keep the juices flowing for Liverpool.

    Mohammad Salah – 5/10

    A disappointing night for Egypt, who only recently appeared to be returning in form. He Made four goal attempts in the match, none of which hit the target, let alone attempted to return to the net.

    Zardan Shakiri – 6/10

    After a heroic performance last time, the Swiss were a damp squib here, who failed to make any encroachment or create opportunities. He Was duly replaced after the break.

    Roberto Fermino – 6/10

    Once again, Fermino’s hold-up play was excellent as he allowed his attacking teammates to shine, but did not pose too much of a threat to himself.


    Divock Origin – 5/10

    He Shakiri’s place came just after the hour mark, but offered little attack for Liverpool.

    Alex Ocled-Chamberlain – 6/10

    In the half-hour game, Chamberlain made just 13 passes, which will tell you all about his impact tonight.

    Curtis Jones – 6/10

    Jones converted Fermino for the final 10 minutes of normal time and completed a dribble and gave two clearances.

    Published 04 February 2021 04:51 AM

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