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According to the country’s health ministry, about 1 in 10 Israeli children experienced permanent COVID-19 symptoms after recovering from their illnesses.

conclusion from a phone Survey Conducted from the end of May-June 2021 attracted 13,834 parents of children aged 3-18 who recovered from COVID-19. The results indicated that 11.2% of the children experienced “some symptoms after recovery”, although this figure dropped from 1.8% to 4.6% six months after the acute illness, depending on the child’s age.


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The Health Ministry-led survey also found that older children were more likely to experience COVID for a longer period of time; Permanent symptoms were observed in 1.8% of children aged 3-6 years while 4.6% of children aged 12-18 tolerated such effects.

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What’s more, participants aged 12-18 who experienced a symptomatic course of COVID-19 were more likely to develop longer-term COVID than those with asymptomatic confirmed COVID-19, respectively, 5.6 % versus 3.5%. The findings did not reveal specific symptoms.

“Based on cumulative findings around the world, it is clear that the coronavirus has long-term effects not only on the adult population but also in children,” the translated findings read. “The reported long-term morbidity rates mean that there are thousands of children in Israel with long-term symptoms.”