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Officials in Long Island, New York, are hunting down the man responsible for an explosion on a small island that left a small crater in the sand and shook homes miles away, raising potential terror concerns.

“Certainly our department is concerned about why someone would detonate a device of this size and magnitude on an uninhabited island,” Suffolk County Police Acting Commissioner Stuart Cameron told reporters at a news conference in Yafunk on Monday.


“So we definitely want to find out who did it,” he continued, according to newsday, “If you are the person responsible for this explosion, I encourage you to come forward and identify yourself in our department so that we can find the root cause of this incident and address any concerns to the public.” “

Long Island Blast Being Investigated By Police, FBI Worried It Could Be Something More

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Cameron said Suffolk County Police received 30 911 calls about the explosion on Sunday around 11 a.m. on uninhabited Granthshala Island, not far from Babylon City, adding that Nassau County Police also received 911 calls about the explosion and from homes. Heard and heard businesses.

Marine Bureau officials located a crater—about 4 feet wide by 2 feet deep—on the north side of Granthshala Island, which appears to have been created when the unspecified instrument exploded. Detectives from the Suffolk County Police’s Arson Section are seeking information about a ship seen fleeing the area at the time of the explosion – which Cameron described as a 23-foot-long boat with stripes.

An aviation unit’s helicopter was also stationed over the spot.

Cameron said, “We know that when people produce homemade explosives, they often want to test those explosives to make sure they work as intended, so that’s one of our concerns.” And that’s why we want to determine what happened yesterday morning.”

In a statement to Granthshala News Digital Monday, a spokeswoman for Suffolk County Police acknowledged that “terrorism is always a concern as people test devices before using them.” She confirmed that the department is investigating with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Officials are searching for the boat that may have originated around the time of the explosion.

Granthshala News Digital inquired Tuesday morning with Suffolk County Police about whether any potential people or suspects had been identified on the third day after the explosion.

Babylon Town Supervisor Rich Schaefer heard the explosion on Sunday from his home about a quarter mile off the Great South Bay. He said Babylonian public safety was also overwhelmed by calls about the explosion on Granthshala Island, where duck hunters and recreational boaters sometimes stop by Bergen Point. Lindenhurst Mayor Michael Lavorta described the island as “off the beaten path,” admitting at Monday’s press conference, “I’ve never heard of it before yesterday.”

Online forums suggest that residents of the cities of Saville and Smithtown also heard the explosion or felt their homes shaking. Investigators have ruled out a sonic boom by an aircraft.

Detectives are asking anyone with any information to call the Arson Section at 631-852-6024 or to anonymously call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.

Granthshala News’ Louis Cassiano contributed to this report.