Loose Women row as Carol McGiffin tells Kaye Adams to ‘shut up’ in tense clash

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The LOOSE women started off with a tense moment, when Kay Adams took a jibe at her co-star, Carole McGuffin.

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Friday’s episode barely started when Kaye told Carroll to ‘shut up’ while the broadcaster spoke while she was trying to introduce the other panelists.

Loose Woman Kaye Adams tells her co-star Carol McGuffin to ‘shut up’
Tense moment in first minute of Friday's show

Tense moment in first minute of Friday’s show

Kaye served as an anchor for the show and was in the midst of introducing the panelists when she reported that Carol was laying down a blanket on her chair before sitting down.


“Carol just puts a little rug down in case it gets a little chilly,” Kaye explained to the audience at home who might be wondering what Carol was doing.

Carol began to respond, “What rug?”, but Kaye was already staring at the following panelist, Brenda Edwards, to introduce.

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“Shut up,” he taunted his co-star.

But the tension between the women didn’t stop there, as discussions turned to the Queen’s health and whether they should leave now that she is 95.

Kaye took aim at Carol: “You’re approaching that age, so you’ll know all about it.

Carol rolled her eyes: “Haha, you’re not funny.”

It’s been a colorful week on Loose Woman after she was forced to apologize to Linda Robson for dropping an F-bomb on live TV.

The 63-year-old discounted one million quid in cash as part of ITV’s biggest competition ever.

As she pushed the money trolley, Linda began: “Hello ladies, they’ve left me in charge of the prize, can you believe it?

“That’s it, a million pounds right here in this trolley. It came this morning from an ITV bank account.

He then added: “How do I see it s*** how I see it.”

The panel gasped, while Charlene White immediately apologized for her actions.

She said: “I’d like to apologize for Linda’s language, she knows she’s done wrong. I think Linda forgot we’re live on air.”

Linda later said: “Sorry for the slight slip of the tongue at first, I actually thought it was a rehearsal”.

Andy Peters, who was doing the contest, sprayed a bar of soap on her and joked: “It’s a little bit of soap you’ll want to use later.”

Carol starts the show smiling but it quickly gets tense

Carol starts the show smiling but it quickly gets tense
Carol dropped a blanket on her chair before she sat down

Carol dropped a blanket on her chair before she sat down

Linda Robson Is Forced to Apologize After Leaving the Live F-Word on Loose Woman

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