Lord Janner inquiry: Child sexual abuse claims ‘swept under the carpet’

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Olis probe into alleged child sex Abuse By Labour Colleague Lord Greville Jenner was prematurely closed and key statements intentionally withheld from prosecutors, a the inspection Have got.

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The late politician and QC faced a series of criminal investigations in the 1990s and 2000s, but was not charged with any crimes until 2015, months before he died without facing trial.

independent examination of the child sexual abuse (IICSA) has found a “chain of failures” Leicestershire Police, as Jenner was treated differently due to her high status and allegations of abuse were “swept under the carpet”.


“Despite a number of serious allegations against the late Lord Jenner, police and prosecutors appeared reluctant to fully investigate the claims against him,” said investigation chair Professor Alexis Jay.

“On several occasions the police put little emphasis on the search for evidence and closed the investigation without all outstanding inquiries.”

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She stated that a senior police officer was “not interested” in pursuing charges against the coworker, while Leicestershire County Council noted “a regrettable record of failures” to protect children in care in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Is responsible.

Professor Jay also said: “Many council staff had concerns about Lord Jenner’s association with a particular child in residential care, and further inquiries should have been made.”

Lord Jenner was first charged with abuse by a former care home resident during Operation Magnolia by Leicestershire Police, established in February 2000.

Lord Jenner died in 2015 on the allegation of historic child sex abuse, which he denies (Peter Jordan / PA)

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/ PA collection

The investigation report found “the investigation into those allegations was insufficient and involved a deliberate decision by Leicestershire Police to withhold the statements of key witnesses from being considered by the CPS”.

Police conducted a “general inquiry” into the charges, and in 2001 a second accuser appeared. However, the police officer – who did not question the colleague – “demonstrated a lack of will to properly investigate the allegations”.

At a meeting with CPS reviewing attorneys in November 2001, claims against Jenner were not taken up by Magnolia detectives, and witness statements from CPS were withheld.

Acting Detective Inspector Kevin Yates told the investigation that he “thought there might be a positive directive not to mention Lord Jenner in the CPS”.

The report concluded, “There is no evidence that the police were unduly influenced or placed under undue pressure to not pursue Lord Jenner’s charges”. “However, the results were still as they were. Important statements … were ‘brushed under the carpet’.”

Confessions from a closed drawer reappeared in 2006, when detectives looked into allegations that a group of men, including Lord Jenner, had sexually abused a boy named Dauntless in an investigation.

Lord Jenner was not arrested or interrogated and “was treated differently from a man on the street”, the investigation found, before prosecutors ultimately ruled in an “unnaturally and strategically flawed” decision. The investigation was abandoned.

Professor Jay praised the efforts of junior detectives who wanted to investigate further, but said they were thwarted by the “malaise” of more senior figures.

Colleague, a Labor MP between 1970 and 1997, a qualified barrister, and former chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, was charged in 2015 with 22 counts of alleged child sexual abuse against nine people who lived in the 1960s. Came back in the middle of . A review of previous allegations was launched in 2012, and then new claims against peers emerged.

However, due to the onset of dementia, Jenner was deemed ineligible to petition the court, and died in December 2015 at the age of 87, before the facts could be tested.

Jenner’s family has consistently denied the allegations against the coworker.

In his report, Professor J chose not to make the recommendation because the institutions involved have changed significantly since the failed investigation into Jenner.

But she added that the investigation requires “respect for powerful individuals or superiors, barriers to reporting faced by children – especially caregivers – and clear policies and procedures of institutions on how to respond to allegations.” to be given” was heard. of child sexual abuse, regardless of the prominence of the alleged abuser.”

At the start of the inquiry hearing, Leicestershire Police said: “The Chief Constable on behalf of Leicestershire Police wishes to extend his wholehearted apology to any complainant whose allegations were not answered during the earlier police investigation as they were received by the police. And there should have been other institutions.”


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