It was a fight in Salt Lake City as of Tuesday night Los Angeles Clippers The Utah Jazz took over with the Vivint Arena court serving as the battlefield. With clear signs of fatigue and a sold-out crowd against them, the Clippers fell short, losing 109–112.

The high-stakes, fast-paced game had no one looking on the edge of their seat the entire time.

The Clippers are looking to avenge their early exit from last season’s playoffs. Furthermore, both teams have a lot to prove as no franchise has ever won an NBA championship. As for the Clippers, they have yet to reach the Western Conference Finals.

Clippers head coach Ty Lew remained silent about the starting lineup, which was revealed about half an hour before the game. Starting in Game 3 in Round 1, Lew opted to start Reggie Jackson and Nicholas Bottom on Patrick Beverly and Ivica Zuback.

Mike Conley of Utah and Serge Ibaka of Los Angeles did not play due to injuries.

nba All-Stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George didn’t start Tuesday night particularly well and never got into the groove. Fortunately, power forward Marcus Morris was off to a hot start and it didn’t take long for Lew to change the rotation, bringing in Zuback, Luke Kennard, Rajon Rondo and Terence Mann in the first quarter. `

Utah’s defensive methods to stop Leonard were effective, including solid work by Bojan Bogdanovic. In the first half Leonard was only able to score 7 points and he had 3 fouls.

Batam scored a brilliant 3-pointer in the final seconds of the second quarter. In the half, the Clippers were up 60-47.

Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz came out in a fight for the third quarter and quickly closed the Clippers’ lead to three points. Mitchell continued his explosive performance in the third and fourth quarters, finishing the game with 45 points.

In the second half, the Utah crowd grew louder which fueled the energy of the Jazz.

A 3-pointer by Utah’s Jordan Clarkson with four minutes remaining in the third quarter closed the gap 70-71. Utah then took the lead with a score of 71-72 with three minutes remaining in the quarter.

The Clippers were covered in paint in the second half of the game, leading to offensive challenges.

The game was tied with 79 points at the end of the third quarter.

Reggie Jackson made some solid buckets in the game but found himself on a foul in the end. With eight minutes left on the clock, Jackson received his fifth individual foul as the Clippers were trailing 91-95.

The Utah crowd taunted George with “Playoff P” chants. George fought in the fourth while Leonard reached the rim as far as he could. However, it was not sufficient.

Jackson was clearly upset when he had six minutes left in the game.

The Clippers had a chance to tie the game and go into overtime in the final seconds of the fourth quarter. A pass between George, Leonard and finally Morris resulted in a 3-point shot not required. Instead it was blocked by Rudy Gobert at the end of time.

The series will be a test of endurance and patience for the Clippers who only had a day’s rest between Game 7 in the quarterfinals and Game 1 in the semifinals. In contrast, the Jazz had six days of rest. Also in Round 2, there will be only one day’s rest between games for the entire series. The schedule for the rest of the series is listed below:

  • Game 2: Thursday, June 10 in Salt Lake City
  • Game 3: Saturday, June 12 in Los Angeles
  • Game 4: Monday, June 14 in Los Angeles
  • Game 5: Wednesday, June 16 in Salt Lake City
  • Game 6: Friday, June 18 in Los Angeles (allowed Staples Center to reach full capacity)
  • Game 7: Sunday, June 20 in Salt Lake City

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During the 2019–20 season, Utah was knocked out of the playoffs in the first round and the semifinals were an absolute nightmare for the Clippers who took a 3–1 lead and Lost to the Denver Nuggets in Game 7 in the semifinals. Doc Rivers was fired, Tyron Lew was brought in to replace him, and several roster changes were made.

across the nba

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith called Milwaukee’s latest effort, or lack thereof, a “national embarrassment” against the Brooklyn Nets at “First Take” Tuesday morning. Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant dropped a game-high 32 points against Giannis Antetokounmpo & Co as Milwaukee was demolished 125-86 on Monday night. Brooklyn are currently leading 2-0 and are in danger of being swept away if Milwaukee doesn’t find a solution.

Phoenix Suns remains spectacular. Chris Paul, Devin Booker, Mikael Bridges, Deandre Ayton were all sensational in the Round 2 opener against the Denver Nuggets. Denver’s Aaron Gordon was remarkably impressive both offensively and defensively, providing some relief to center and 2020-21 NBA MVP, Nikola Jokic. The Sons are currently leading 1-0 in the series.

Full of twists and turns, the Sixers-Hawks matchup has already made for a rollercoaster of a series and an even more matchup than other series in the past. After a sluggish start in Game 1, Joel Embiid proved why he was in talks as league MVP, scoring 40 points in Game 2 on Tuesday.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.