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Los Angeles police shot and killed an armed suspect and rescued a hostage Friday after the suspect held his weapon to the victim’s head, police said.

Officials said LAPD officers were chasing a suspect on foot when he allegedly fired at town residents and attempted to kill a woman. Officers followed the suspect to an apartment building and watched his movements on a surveillance camera.


“They saw a suspect armed with a gun forcing a woman to accompany him,” the department tweeted late Friday. “At the time, we knew we had a hostage situation. When LAPD personnel were outside the compound, they saw through a window, the suspect holding a gun to the hostage’s head.”

SWAT officers then entered the apartment building on the grounds of “already incredibly violent actions and were going to kill the suspected hostage”.

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The suspect was shot by the officers and died on the spot. Police said the hostage was taken to a hospital but his medical condition was not immediately known.

A witness reportedly recorded the incident from across the road and posted a video Twitter. The video shows the suspect being held hostage, then SWAT officers walking in – as well as the sound of several gunshots.

The department said officers had originally responded to reports of an armed man suspected of committing a crime in the area that allegedly involved putting a gun in the face of a man and firing — though the gun was not turned off — and Firing at age 14-old inside a business. Police said the child’s head was grazed and was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening wounds.