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Los Angeles police shot a man armed with a knife near the city’s famous Hollywood Blvd. Violent crimes are increasing continuously across the country on Saturday.

The LAPD confirmed to Granthshala News that a man carrying a knife was shot by police near the intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Blvd. at 11:06 a.m. local time.


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An LAPD spokesperson said the man was taken to a local hospital and is now in police custody.

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The shooting comes the same week that the Federal Bureau of Investigation released crime statistics for 2020, which showed a rise in homicide nationwide.

The United States experienced a nearly 30% increase in murders in 2020 compared to the previous year, according to FBI, which made the biggest single-year increase in murders Ever since the agency started tracking crimes.

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More than 21,000 murders were reported last year, 4,901 more than in 2019, the biggest jump since 1960. Overall, violent crimes — including homicides, rapes, robberies and felony assaults — increased by 5.6% and property crimes declined by about 8%, according to FBI data.

The jump comes as many cities are seeing a record increase in gun violence after decades of declines in violent crime. The report showed that most of the violence involved firearms. About 77% of reported murders are committed with some sort of gun.

Figures released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff earlier this year show a 200% crime spike from the same time in 2020.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told Granthshala News that the progressive policies of District Attorney George Gascon have encouraged criminals and stressed that people should understand that such elections will have consequences.

“They really need to pick and choose very carefully because it’s so easy for them to say, ‘Oh yeah, all cops are bad,’ and, ‘Let’s reform and denigrate the cops,'” Villanueva said. “Yet they are the first to pick up 911 when someone crawls into their back gate and tries to break into their house.”

Granthshala News’ Louis Cassiano and Stephanie Pagones contributed to this report