During a special meeting on Tuesday, the board of the Los Angeles Unified School District of Education will consider amending the 2020-2021 budget, reducing 133 positions from the LAUSD Police Department, including 70 sworn officers.

Secondary schools officials will be replaced by a new “climate coach” role in addition to psychiatric social workers, counselors, and restorative justice counselors.

“We cannot ignore the legitimate concerns and criticisms that students and other members of the school community have about all forms of law enforcement,” superintendent Austin Beutner said Monday. Weekly message to the community. “No person should feel the presence of a security officer on a premises as an indictment of him or her character.”

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according to School district proposal, Climate Coaches will assist site administrators and staff by “supporting a safe and positive school culture and climate for all students, staff and community members” and “serving with broad knowledge and familiarity to strengthen student relationships The doers will be from communities. “

Climate instructors will be trained on how to implement a positive school culture and climate, how to build positive relationships and elevate student voices, how to use social-emotional learning strategies to strengthen student relationships. To be used, how to eliminate racial heterogeneity in school discipline practices, how to use effective de-escalation strategies to support conflict resolution, and how to understand and address implicit bias.

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The police officer’s cuts are part of the Black Student Achievement Plan, which directs $ 36.5 million per year to provide supplementary services and support for the high number of black students and “high need indicators” in 53 schools.

Indicators include math and English language arts proficiency rates below district average, higher than average referral and suspension rates, below average school experience survey responses, and / or above average chronic absenteeism.

The plan’s three main goals are to ensure content and instruction are “culturally responsive to black students” and to provide additional support and interventions to students for literacy and numeracy skills gaps, working with community groups that have supported black students and families Has demonstrated success with. Reducing “over-identification of black students” in suspension, discipline and other measures through targeted interventions to address the educational and socio-emotional needs of students.

The board is also considering a process under the scheme where schools can still request to have an officer on site.

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Under the proposal, $ 30.1 million will be invested for school climate and wellness programs, $ 7.9 million will be allocated for psychiatric social workers, $ 7.6 million will be allocated to counselors, $ 2.9 million will be allocated to school climate coaches Will be allocated, will be allocated towards $ 6.5 million. Restorative justice advisors and $ 5.2 million will be allocated toward flexible “climate grants”.

The board proposal estimated the plan would have a total budget impact of $ 47 million, including a $ 25 million cut passed in June that would be redirected from the LAUSD Police Department’s budget to select schools under the Black Achievement Plan $ 11.5 million, $ 9.9 million for out-of-school climate coaches outside the Black Achievement Plan, and $ 600,000 for oversight and administration.


A survey conducted among students, parents, and staff members in the district found that there was still strong debate on the subject of police officers stationed in schools, with nearly half of respondents saying they were safe and comfortable around police officers Feel. Survey respondents included 35,467 students, 6,639 parents, and 2,348 staff members.

The survey also found that 25 percent of Black and African American female students and 20 percent of Black and African American male students say they do not feel comfortable with the school police on campus, while 17 percent of Latinx women and Latinx is 18 percent of men, 19 percent of white women and 16 percent of white men, and 15 percent of Asian American women and 18 percent of Asian American men.

The staff supporting the move, compared to 38 percent of students, 38 percent of students and 38 percent of students, 24 percent of parents, and 39 percent of students, supported 42 percent of respondents supporting the transfer to the school police for other students in need is. Employees opposed the move.

Students, parents and staff supported the increase in funding to help dedicated staff to help students overcome the challenges that school can have, including nurses, psychiatric social workers and mental health counselors. About half of the respondents also supported funding to expand mentoring programs, afterschool programs and restorative justice programs, and peace circles.

However, most parents and employees oppose the overall budget cuts to the LAUSD Police Department.

The LAUSD School Police Department has a total of more than 410 sworn police officers, 101 non-sworn school security officers (SSOs), and 34 civilian aid personnel, and is responsible for more than 900 school campuses, including those in grades 12–12 164,806 students are involved.

It is the fifth largest police department in Los Angeles County, and the 14th largest in California. The LAUSD Police Department had a 2019-2020 budget of $ 70 million.

According to a 2018 UCLA study, between 2014 and 2017, the Los Angeles School Police Department detained 3,389 students for arrest and issued 2,724 citations and 1,282 variations. Black youth comprised 25% of total youth detention, citations, and variations, but represent less than 9% of the student population of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

a live stream Board meeting will start at 1 pm