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The superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools issued an apology and a member of the school board resigned Friday as the district faces mounting protests over its response to two alleged sexual assaults, one of which reportedly The girls were carried by the male student wearing a skirt. ‘ Bathroom.

Superintendent Scott Ziegler apologized during a June event for saying there was no record of an assault in a Virginia District bathroom. His remarks come amid a debate about policy changes related to self-identified transgender students. Ziegler said Friday that he misunderstood the question when he made the comment.


Ziegler also said that he was “sorry that we failed to provide the safe, welcoming and affirming environment we aspire to provide.” He told affected students and families: “We acknowledge and share your pain and we will continue to offer support to help you and your families through this trauma.”

Loudoun County’s father arrested in school board meeting, said – school tried to hide the attack in the daughter’s bathroom

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Loudoun County father Scott Smith, who was arrested at that June event, said this week that his daughter was sexually assaulted by a male student wearing a skirt in the girls’ bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that sexual assault was reported on campus on the day Smith said her daughter was victimized.

The boy accused of assaulting Smith’s daughter later forced a female student into an empty classroom at nearby Broad Run High School, Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney Buta Bibaraj said. Told WTOP In an interview this week.

Board member Beth Barts announced her resignation on Friday, although she did not say whether it was related to the ongoing dispute. “It was not an easy decision or a hasty decision. It was the right decision for me and my family after a lot of thought and consideration,” Barts said.

Barts has repeatedly clashed with Loudoun’s parents, who are concerned about critical race theory and similar left-wing subjects being taught in schools, prompting residents to recall him. School board chair Brenda Sheridan thanked Barts for his service and said the position is expected to be filled during the board’s December meeting.

The LCPS did not immediately return Granthshala News’ inquiries into whether Barts’ resignation was linked to the current controversy.

“It could not have been an easy decision for Ms. Barts. We have expressed our displeasure with her actions as a member of the school board over the past several months, but today she did the right thing. Her former colleagues should take notice. ,” Ian Prior, executive director of Virginia parent group Fight for Schools, said in a statement Friday.

“However, the community should be aware that problems at Loudoun County public schools and school boards go far beyond a single school board member,” Pryor said. “We will continue to shine a light on Loudoun County public schools and fight until we have a school board of common sense, non-partisan members, and a superintendent who is accountable to parents and tells the truth.”